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Crossword Answers: Cooperstown-name
COBBCooperstown name
OTTCooperstown name
TYCOBBCooperstown charter member
YOGICooperstown nickname
TRISCooperstown nickname
ARKIN"Cooperstown" star, 1993
PEEWEEREESE1984 Cooperstown inductee
ECK2004 Cooperstown inductee Dennis, in headlines
RYNE2005 Cooperstown electee along with Wade
KALINEAl in Cooperstown
ERNIEBanks in Cooperstown
LOUBrock of Cooperstown
ROYCampanella of Cooperstown
ANSONCap in Cooperstown
KLEINChuck of Cooperstown
ONEONTACity near Cooperstown
EARLECombs of Cooperstown
HOFCooperstown bldg.
WANERCooperstown brothers' surname
BASEBALLCooperstown concern
HALLOFFAMERCooperstown entry
GREATSCooperstown figures
ENSHRINECooperstown honor
STANCooperstown honoree Musial
BRETTCooperstown inductee George

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