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Crossword Answers: Cooperstown-name
OTTCooperstown name
COBBCooperstown name
FISKCarlton in Cooperstown
STEVECarlton in Cooperstown
GREGMaddux in Cooperstown
SEAVERPitcher Tom in Cooperstown
WYNNPitcher Early in Cooperstown
CASEYStengel in Cooperstown
ANDREDawson in Cooperstown
SNIDERDuke in Cooperstown
MELOtt of Cooperstown
KOUFAXYoungest Cooperstown electee
UMPSNine Cooperstown members
TORRERecent Cooperstown managerial inductee
STARGELLPirate inducted at Cooperstown in 1988
SISLER1939 Cooperstown inductee George
NIEKROPhil in Cooperstown
BASEBALLFANTypical Cooperstown visitor
CALRipken of Cooperstown
TRAYNORPie in Cooperstown
DAVEWinfield in Cooperstown
SANDYKoufax in Cooperstown
HOYTWilhelm in Cooperstown
PEEWEEReese in Cooperstown
ALOMARRoberto in Cooperstown
LUISAparicio of Cooperstown

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