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Crossword Answers: Containing-tin
STANNICContaining tin
PAULREVERESRIDELongfellow classic containing a code that is represented within the answers to the asterisked Down c
WOLFEPACKSBox sets containing "The Right Stuff," "A Man in Full" and "I Am Charlotte Simmons"?
FACTUALContaining no speculation
MISODish containing dashi
LUKEGospel containing the "Nunc Dimittis"
INCLContaining: Abbr.
PAMSpray containing canola
BARICContaining element #56
TREESKilmer poem containing the line "Poems are made by fools like me"
SAUDIARABIAContaining both of Islam's most sacred sites, this kingdom is known as 'the land of the two holy mos
EFTSLeft sink containing newts (4)
ABSCESSSwelling containing pus (7)
LORDANDMASTERMight have power over one large order containing article destined initially for Post (4,3,6)
BUSSTOPSShelters at various stages in raid containing small operations (3,5)
VERBOSEContaining too many words (7)
TOOKRipped off lemonade brand containing nothing for oxygen (4)
MACAROONChewy biscuit containing almond paste (8)
PHRASEPut into words episode containing reading (6)
BURDENCharge for roll containing red mince (6)
SWIMGet overseas phone card containing tungsten (4)
ANOTHERAnswer message containing hospital reading for somebody else (7)
THEORYYour old form containing decomposed ore ? would that be pure speculation? (6)
KIGALIKing and I containing one girl with African capital (6)
OPTIMISTICHopeful to find one topic containing cloud (10)
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