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Crossword Answers: Containing-tin
STANNICContaining tin
PLUMBATEAcidic compound containing lead
TEASBeverages containing caffeine
LYMPHBody fluid containing white blood cells
MICAHBook containing a prediction of the coming of the Messiah
ATLASBook containing legends
OMNIBUSBook containing multiple book reprints
ATLASESBooks containing legends
ALEVEBrand containing naproxen sodium
AMPULESBulbs containing hypodermic solutions
KOLACaffeine-containing nut
ENOLChemical containing a CCOH group
ALGAChlorophyll-containing microorganism
CFLATChord containing a B
AMINECompound containing nitrogen
HYDRATECompound containing water
ORIONConstellation containing Canis Major and Minor
LEOConstellation containing Regulus
RENERUSSO"Tin Cup" actress
RUSSO"Tin Cup" actress
IVES"Big Daddy" Burl of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"
AHOT"Cat On ___ Tin Roof"
ONA"Cat ___ Hot Tin Roof"
ROOF"Cat on Hot Tin ___"
OILS"Desqueaks" the Tin Man
JACKHALEY"Heart of the Tin Man" author
INA"Here am I sitting ___ tin can..." (David Bowie line)
FRI"Rin Tin Tin" TV night: Abbr.
ABC"Rin Tin Tin" shower
LEEAAKER"Rin Tin Tin" star of 50's TV
AAKER"The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin" kid actor Lee
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