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Crossword Answers: Containing-tin
STANNICContaining tin
LIMYContaining limestone
IRIDICContaining element #77
LYCHEESSupply cheesecake containing fruit (7)
TORPEDOMissile flew containing power discharge (7)
CURIOUSOdd trinkets containing uranium
HEADCASENutter held bag containing ecstasy (8)
AEROSOLCan containing a spray
BINARYContaining two components
SHOESItems containing feet
SLACKLoose, large bag containing money (5)
AHOT"Cat On ___ Tin Roof"
ONA"Cat ___ Hot Tin Roof"
ROOF"Cat on Hot Tin ___"
OILS"Desqueaks" the Tin Man
JACKHALEY"Heart of the Tin Man" author
FRI"Rin Tin Tin" TV night: Abbr.
ABC"Rin Tin Tin" shower
MOLECULARTooth containing unexpected clue regarding small particles (9)
STARVEDCelebrity volume edition containing little meat (7)
SEEPAGEEnd of pipe opens up containing energy leak (7)
NITRATEA salt containing an NO3 ion - such salt can contribute to algal blooms and groundwater contaminatio
SAILORTar storage unit containing a last bit of tar (6)
SENTFolder containing messages emailed to other people
TANGENTSReturned figure containing new information as 'incidental material' (8)
SEDIMENTDeposit posted containing bit of money (8)
INLETAnchorage bay containing large oil and gas deposits, Cook ...
SCRUMPYA drink for the agent containing cold spirit (7)
SPLITUPSeparate pieces of advice about containing Liberal in revolt (5,2)
FORONCEINMYLIFEReissued cin-film of yore containing new pop song (3,4,2,2,4)
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