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Crossword Answers: Containing-tin
STANNICContaining tin
STOLLENYeast bread containing nutmeats
CHERTVariety of silica containing microcrystalline quartz.
ANTISERUMSerum containing antibodies (9)
EYEOrgan containing the retina
SPEARBox containing Eastern weapon (5)
UPRISENPeacekeepers containing force mutinied? (7)
RATEDRContaining sex scenes, say
ORESRocks containing metals
PURCHASEBuy small bag containing tea (8)
AHOT"Cat On ___ Tin Roof"
ONA"Cat ___ Hot Tin Roof"
ROOF"Cat on Hot Tin ___"
OILS"Desqueaks" the Tin Man
JACKHALEY"Heart of the Tin Man" author
FRI"Rin Tin Tin" TV night: Abbr.
ABC"Rin Tin Tin" shower
OAKENSHAWArea of woodland containing trees bearing acorns (9)
SHREWSpeech containing nothing sounding like regret for following 1 (5)
ASCETICLike some wines containing sulphur he never imbibes (7)
PORPHYRYIgneous rock containing large crystals of feldspar (8)
MOJITOCocktail -- magical concoction containing vermouth (6)
CHANCELPart of a church containing the altar, sanctuary and choir (7)
CALISouthern Hemisphere metropolis containing the Plaza de Caicedo
ARSENALMagazine containing material likely to cause a report (7)
BAGPIPESSacks containing tube that can produce music
ILLHEALTHThe Italian hospital's containing new lethal sickness (3,6)
TOVARICHThe box containing nothing brought by a very well-off comrade (8)
HUNTINGExploitation of quarry in small European country containing metal (7)
TEQUILASUNRISEMulticoloured cocktail containing grenadine and orange juice (7,7)
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