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Crossword Answers: Containing-tin
STANNICContaining tin
PLUMBATEAcidic compound containing lead
TEASBeverages containing caffeine
LYMPHBody fluid containing white blood cells
ATLASBook containing legends
OMNIBUSBook containing multiple book reprints
ATLASESBooks containing legends
ALEVEBrand containing naproxen sodium
AMPULESBulbs containing hypodermic solutions
KOLACaffeine-containing nut
ENOLChemical containing a CCOH group
ALGAChlorophyll-containing microorganism
CFLATChord containing a B
AMINECompound containing nitrogen
HYDRATECompound containing water
MICAHBook containing a prediction of the coming of the Messiah
STAINMark a tin's possibly made?
RETSINATins are required for wine (7)
PAINTColoured liquid in tins (5)
CANNABISDrug tins? Take one inside (8)
CANNEDPut in tins and drunk! (6)
OPENERSDevices for taking the lids off containers such as tins, cans or bottles
INFESTEDDamaged feed tins became a breeding ground of pests
BENEFITSAdvantages of mixing up beef tins (8)
INGREDIENTSConstituents of green tins I"d mixed (11)
STEINContainer for beer in tins out East
CANAPESVariety of pea put in tins, very tasty
ODDMENTSEccentrics taking empty tins for scraps (8)
INSTALLSet up made from bent tins completely (7)
DISCORDANTGrating cheese at first, add tins or nuts (10)
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