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Crossword Answers: Containing-tin
STANNICContaining tin
PETROLSwipe trolley containing fuel
ACCENTTone of voice containing emphasis (6)
HELOISEWoman's name containing another
PRUNESDried fruits containing vitamin A
COBSGreek island containing black swans
MINISTERChurch containing one clergyman
CYANTin containing first of yellow colour
STEELAlloy based on iron containing carbon and small quantities of other elements (5)
LEBANESEMiddle Eastern shelter containing sprouting beans (8)
PILATEAncient Roman dish containing iodine, initially (6)
ELONGATEStretch out electronic single containing dub, when spinning (8)
ANGKORLarge area of ruins of NW Cambodia containing ___ Thom, capital of the former Khmer Empire (6)
HESITATEStall he has that is containing junk (8)
ETUICase containing sharp objects found in the Tuileries (4)
SATURNINEPlaced vase containing ashes in Eastern grave (9)
PALACELocation containing a large and stately mansion
CORONETInstrument containing ring, topping item of jewellery (7)
ANTHERThe part of a flower"s stamen containing the pollen (6)
QUADRATICContaining terms with powers no higher than the power of two (9)
CARNALErotic passage containing start of rumpy-pumpy (6)
ATOMCash dispenser containing nothing or tiny amount
TURNOUTProduce spin on old books containing first uprising (4-3)
LIGHTEasily digested, not containing much alcohol
SHEETThe piece of paper containing these letters
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