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Crossword Answers: Concerning-flora
BOTANICConcerning flora
WATERPLANTSAquatic flora
PALMOasis flora
SEALIFEOcean flora and fauna
ASTERTears shed for Flora (5)
BLOOMERSFlora, these are wrong! (8)
FARANDOLEFlora Dean arranged a dance (9)
WILDLIFEUndomesticated fauna and flora (8)
ASIATICOriental (flora or fauna)
HUME"An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding" author
STSAbbr. concerning the holy or "potholy"
SALTIAgreement signed in 1972 concerning ABMs
POLITICALSLANTBias concerning governmental affairs
PAPALConcerning Benedict XVI
TRIBALConcerning Comanches, e.g.
RADIOLOGICConcerning X-rays
RETELLConcerning a Swiss archer
SINEMATICConcerning a racy film?
REPASTConcerning a tense meal
AEROMARINEConcerning above-ocean flying
WOODSORRELPlant exotic flowers or do without flora at first? (4,6)
BLAIRIsla ___, India-born actress who played Flora Beniform in 1981 BBC TV series The History Man (5)
SKYEIsland in a boat song about Flora MacDonald and Bonnie Prince Charlie (4)
BIOLOGISTI got boils from flora %26 fauna expert (9)
HABITATPlace where flora and fauna are naturally found
QUATREFOILSort of flora - and quite decorative? (10)
HERBARIUMHere Flora preserved the metal she has... (9)
TELEGRAMFlora, say, hindered 26 by wire (8)
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