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Crossword Answers: Concerning-flora
BOTANICConcerning flora
SEDGEBog flora
AFRICANVIOLETPot plant discovered in active flora?
SEAWEEDOcean flora
ARIDInhospitable to flora
LILIESFlora seen around Lent
SAGUAROSArizona flora
ALOESSoothing flora
IFERBit of mountain flora
YEWTREESSome graveyard flora
LIANASRain forest flora
MOSSVelvety flora
MOSSESSeedless flora
PLANTPRESERVESSanctuaries for flora
PINESMaine flora
KELPOceanic flora
FERNSeedless bit of flora
MISTLETOEChristmas flora
OCEANLIFEMarine flora and fauna
GLADIOLIFlora happy with oil I changed (8)
AMAZONSouth American rainforest containing more species of flora and fauna than any other world ecosystem
FLOWERINGPLANTSLeading florist lowering greenery into colourful flora (9,6)
LARKRISETOSemi-autobiographical novel trilogy by Flora Thompson first published together in 1945 (4,4,2,10)
SHRUBBERYFlora and Johnny involved in fling (9)
REDWOOD___ City, California locale named for local flora
FAUNAFlora's companion
PLAINTOne of Flora's grabs first person with poetic lamentation (6)
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