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Crossword Answers: Comparable-to-a-cucumber
ASCOOLComparable to a cucumber
ASNEATComparable to a pin
NEATASComparable to a pin
ASTIGHTComparable to a drum
ASMADComparable to a wet hen
ASSHARPComparable to a tack
ASFATComparable to a pig
ASFLATComparable to a pancake
ASFITComparable to a fiddle
ASPOORComparable to a church mouse
ASREDComparable to a beet
ASBIGComparable to a barn
SOFTASABABYSBOTComparable to a small child's R2-D2 toy?
ARARE"___ bird on earth, comparable to a black swan"
COOLLike a cucumber?
EASYComparable to pie?
ASEASYComparable to pie?
ASBIGASComparable to, sizewise
ASSLOWComparable to molasses
OLDComparable to hills?
CALMCool as a cucumber
SERENECool as a cucumber
IMPERTURBABLECool as a cucumber
ASDEEPComparable to an ocean
ASOLDComparable to the hills or Methuselah
APAROn -- with (comparable to)
YSHAPEDComparable to some vegetable peelers
ASRAREComparable to hen's teeth

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