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Crossword Answers: Companion-of-Kukla
OLLIECompanion of Kukla
FRANCompanion of Kukla and Ollie
DOLORESDragon of "Kukla, Fran, and Ollie"
DRWATSONCompanion of Sherlock Holmes (2,6)
CHUTNEYIndian pickle that put Putney on the map, changed initially by a Companion of Honour (7)
TEATOWELCompanion of chief bottle-washer perhaps found in kitchen (3,5)
TONTONative American companion of the fictional character The Lone Ranger (5)
SWEEPCanine companion of the glove puppet Sooty (5)
INSCompanion of outs
DOCSEVERINSENCompanion of Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon
OHSCompanion of ahs
PETCompanion of a kind
WYNKENCompanion of Blynken and Nod
LEWISCompanion of Clark or Martin
DOOMCompanion of gloom
RAGSCompanion of riches
HEMMEDCompanion of hawed
ALVINCompanion of Theodore and Simon
HOPECompanion of faith and charity
CLYDECompanion of Blinky, Pinky and Inky
DORMOUSECompanion of the Mad Hatter
THIRSTCommon companion of a dry throat
THINCompanion of thick
EBBCompanion of "flow"
LOTTraveling companion of Abraham
SOCKPUPPETSWhack Kukla and Ollie?
HANDPUPPETKukla or Ollie, e.g.
PUPPETKukla or Lamb Chop
HANDPUPPETSKukla and Ollie
OOHEDCompanion of 34-Across

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