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Crossword Answers: Committer-of-a-crime,-and-a-rat-to-boot
PERPETRAITORCommitter of a crime, and a rat to boot?
SKULLHead of a crime lab?
COVERUPConcealment of a crime (5-2)
DNASomething that might be left at the scene of a crime
CHARGEAccuse of a crime (6)
ACQUITDeclare to be innocent of a crime (6)
SUSPECTOne believed to be guilty of a crime
IMPEACHAccuse (the president) of a crime (7)
ALIBIProof of whereabouts at the time of a crime (5)
NATURALLYHow one suspected of a crime might try to act
DOERPerpetrator of a crime, in police slang
LACEYOne of a crime-fighting TV pair
DRIVESAWAYLeaves the scene of a crime, perhaps
DONHead of a crime syndicate
VICEPRESIDENTHazarding a guess: head of a crime syndicate?
EXONERATEPronounce not guilty of a crime (9)
CORPUSDELICTIProof of a crime
ROBOTRight to boot out machine (5)
STIRRUPWhat the rider needs to boot? (7)
BIOSWhat a PC needs to boot
STOOLIERat to the fuzz
ELSETo boot
MORETo boot
ALSOTo boot
ANDTo boot
TOOTo boot
TREEA stretcher to boot
EXTRAAn attachment to boot
CRAMPONOne of a pair of spiked frames strapped to boots for climbing (7)
NARCHe rats to the fuzz
PENAL___ code (statutes dealing with crimes and their punishment)
BEADYLike a rat's eyes
CAREGive a rat's ass
PREYRats, to cats
BLABSRats to the cops
EXPATRIATIONIn atonement, treacherous rat gets exile (12)
ROGUERake pins tail of long rat (5)
TARANTULALeft a rat with aunt, naughtily ___ this could scare her (9)
RIZZOMuppet rat named for a movie character
LIARPerjury committer
PERPCrime committer
WILLOWSMr Toad, Mr Rat, Mr Badger and Mr Mole appeared in Kenneth Grahame's The Wind In The ...
INSIDEJOBSEmployee crimes, and literally, the positions hidden in 17-, 23-, 37- and 48-Across
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