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Crossword Answers: Committer-of-a-crime,-and-a-rat-to-boot
PERPETRAITORCommitter of a crime, and a rat to boot?
VICEPRESIDENTHazarding a guess: head of a crime syndicate?
DONHead of a crime syndicate
DRIVESAWAYLeaves the scene of a crime, perhaps
LACEYOne of a crime-fighting TV pair
STOOLIERat to the fuzz
ELSETo boot
ANDTo boot
MORETo boot
TOOTo boot
SONIA"Crime and Punishment" heroine
SONYA"Crime and Punishment" heroine
DOSTOEVSKY"Crime and Punishment" author
OPUS"Crime and Punishment" is one
LORRE"Crime and Punishment" star Peter
EEK"A rat!"
MANIT"I smell somethin' fishy -- ___ might be a rat" (50 Cent lyric)
PETA cat, but rarely a rat
GNAWAct like a rat
LIAR"... and a ___ giveth ear to a naughty tongue" (Pr 17:4)
THOUSANDS"... and a cast of ___"
CARBUNCLE"... row was a sardius, a topaz, and a ___" (Ex 39:10)
AYEAR"... sailed away for ___ and a day"

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