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Crossword Answers: Committer-of-a-crime,-and-a-rat-to-boot
PERPETRAITORCommitter of a crime, and a rat to boot?
FELONOne guilty of a crime (5)
CAPOHead of a crime syndicate branch
IMPEACHEDAccused of a crime, especially one against the state (9)
SKULLHead of a crime lab?
COVERUPConcealment of a crime (5-2)
DNASomething that might be left at the scene of a crime
CHARGEAccuse of a crime (6)
ACQUITDeclare to be innocent of a crime (6)
SUSPECTOne believed to be guilty of a crime
IMPEACHAccuse (the president) of a crime (7)
ALIBIProof of whereabouts at the time of a crime (5)
NATURALLYHow one suspected of a crime might try to act
DOERPerpetrator of a crime, in police slang
LACEYOne of a crime-fighting TV pair
DRIVESAWAYLeaves the scene of a crime, perhaps
DONHead of a crime syndicate
VICEPRESIDENTHazarding a guess: head of a crime syndicate?
SEINFELDSitcom whose four main characters are convicted of a crime in the final episode
EXONERATEPronounce not guilty of a crime (9)
CORPUSDELICTIProof of a crime
TAROTUp to rat to get fortune cards (5)
TERRACOTTATrace rat to broken earthenware (10)
CUBANHEELWest Indian is a crusty sort, to boot (5,4)
LINESScript for one part of Crime and Punishment in the school (5)
STOOPEDRan around to boot and bent down (7)
AGESHow long it takes to boot up games software? (4)
BASINSailor turned to crime and is seen in the dock
VOICESStates there is nothing in crime and corruption (6)
CREEKCombined crime and magic ( Jonathan -----)
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