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Crossword Answers: Cobbler-holder
PIETINCobbler holder
PEPANCobbler holder
LASTWhat the cobbler has finally? (4)
DESSERTSBaked Alaska & apple cobbler
CLOGSCobbler initially records footwear
SHOEMAKERCobbler (9)
RESOLINGWorking as a cobbler
PIEPIERCINGCobbler cutter's job?
REHEELEmulate a cobbler
BAKECreate a cobbler
PEACHPIERelative of a cobbler
STRONGASANOXFORDPowerful, cobbler-style?
SOLEMended by a cobbler
RUNDOWNATTHEHEELSHaving financial trouble, like a cobbler?
PIESEIZEGrab the cobbler?
REHEELSFixes at the cobbler shop
PARERCobbler-making aid
ATLASTWhere the cobbler was found finally? (2,4)
AWLSharp-pointed tool used by a cobbler to bore small holes in leather
HOEINGWork for a cobbler ___ pointless weeding (6)
STITCHEDDarn! Uses blue pencil for what cobbler did (8)
BAREFOOTUncover 12 inches has nothing to do with cobbler (8)
CORNCOBScorn cobbler holding ear of maize (7)
RESOLEWhat a cobbler may do to old shoes
PEACHPITPart not used when making a cobbler
LASTRITESCobbler's farewell ceremony? (4,5)
BILGEBitterness constrains good cobblers
SHOELASTCobbler's aid
AWLINTHEFAMILYCobbler's heirloom?
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