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Crossword Answers: Cobbler-holder
PIETINCobbler holder
PEPANCobbler holder
PIEPANCobbler container
APPLECobbler fruit
PEACHCobbler fruit
PEARCobbler ingredient
HEELERCobbler, at times
CORERCobbler-making aid
PARERCobbler-making aid
PIECRUSTCobbler base
AWARDHEELERCobbler of the year?
DEEPDISHCobbler style
REHEELSFixes at the cobbler shop
PIESEIZEGrab the cobbler?
RUNDOWNATTHEHEELSHaving financial trouble, like a cobbler?
SOLEMended by a cobbler
STRONGASANOXFORDPowerful, cobbler-style?
PEACHPIERelative of a cobbler
STEINAle holder
POTAle holder
TUNAle holder
CASKAmontillado holder
TUNT#Bolt holder
PLACIDODOMINGO*Holder of the world record for the longest ovation on the operatic stage (80 minutes)
ERIC1999 no-limit bracelet holder Hollum*
TEATABLE4:00 p.m. service holder
SEN6-yr. term holder
PASSPORT85 Visa holder
UFOAbductee's holder
NOSHOWAbsentee ticket holder
PODAircraft engine holder
MEETERAirport sign holder, e.g.
GREETERAirport sign-holder
TINAltoids holder
MILERAmerican record-holder Steve Scott, e.g.
CLIPAmmo holder
PGAAnnual tourn. holder
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