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Crossword Answers: Clucks-of-disapproval
TUTSClucks of disapproval
TUTTUTClucks of disapproval
TSKSClucks of disapproval
TSKCluck of disapproval
TCHCluck of disapproval
RECTOClucks of disappointment
MENEITHERApproval of disapproval
VETOVote of disapproval (4)
WEARENOTAMUSEDVictorian expression of disapproval (2,3,3,6)
GETTHEBIRDReceive expressions of disapproval (3,3,4)
TUTSIAfrican expression of disapproval is retracted (5)
PROTESTStatement of disapproval
BLACKMARKETEERSCriminals will get sign of disapproval always in reformed set (5,10)
SLAPAs a gesture of disapproval, left muggins out!
FIERYAngry word of disapproval delivered to railway (5)
TOBOOTChild to accept sign of disapproval as well (2,4)
BUGABOOHarmful creature given a shout of disapproval - object of fear (7)
HORRIFIEDMean to smother a cry of disapproval, being shocked (9)
TUTUShort skirt, hence expression of disapproval you voiced (4)
CATCHALLHenry joins in expression of disapproval, missing nothing (5-3)
TUTELARYProtective expression of disapproval at upsetting beer on line (8)
TURRETExpression of disapproval about upsetting sin - guns out of here? (6)
BOOSTIncrease in shouts of disapproval at end of act (5)
TUTTISound of disapproval as it turned everyone together (5)
BOOINGShow of disapproval? No, not half captivated by the sound of spring (6)
KINGSRulers engagements attract not a single word of disapproval (5)

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