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Crossword Answers: City-founded-by-James-Oglethorpe-in-1733
SAVANNAHCity founded by James Oglethorpe in 1733
DETROITMICHIGANCity founded by Antoine de Cadillac
DETROITCity founded by Cadillac
THEBESCity founded by Cadmus
OSLOCity founded by Harald III
ORELCity founded by Ivan IV
WISE"All Things ___ and Wonderful" by James Herriot
ITON"Go Tell ___ the Mountain" by James Baldwin
TAI"___-Pan" by James Clavell
GUARDOFHONOR1949 Pulitzer-winning novel by James Gould Cozzens
DARKANGEL2000 TV series produced by James Cameron
NOMEAlaskan city founded as a gold-mining camp
SAINTPETERSBURGCity founded May 16, 1703
OSAKACity founded as Naniwa
LUANDAAfrican city of 2.5+ million founded by the Portuguese
LIBERIAAfrican country founded by freed slaves
FATAHAl -- (group founded by Arafat)
SAABAuto founded by an aircraft company
OLDMANSACHSBusiness founded by poet Nelly's father?
RAGTOPS'20-'54 carmaker, founded in Kenosha, WI
ALCOTT19th-century author whose father founded a utopian community
OAS35-nation grp. founded in 1948
ELM"... as old as yonder ___": James Joyce
ETERNE"...a beauty fadeless and ___": James Russell Lowell
RUE"13 ___ Madeleine" (1946 James Cagney film)
AGEE"A Death in the Family" Pulitzer winner James

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