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Crossword Answers: City-founded-by-James-Oglethorpe-in-1733
SAVANNAHCity founded by James Oglethorpe in 1733
YONKERSUS city founded by Adriaen Van der Donck
ODESSACity founded by Catherine the Great
ADELAIDESouth Australia's festival city founded by Colonel Light
CARACASCity founded by Diego de Losada
BATHBritish city founded by the Romans as a spa
BOSTONCity founded by Puritans
ALBA___ Longa, ancient city founded by the son of Aeneas
ADANATurkish city founded by the Romans
ALTOONACity founded by the Pennsylvania Railroad
AGRACity founded by emperor Akbar
GARYCity founded by U.S. Steel
LIMACity founded by Pizarro
PROVOCity founded by Mormons
MESACity founded by Mormon pioneers
ORELCity founded by Ivan IV
OSLOCity founded by Harald III
THEBESCity founded by Cadmus
DETROITCity founded by Cadillac
DETROITMICHIGANCity founded by Antoine de Cadillac
NAIROBICity founded on the site of Masai watering hole
SANJUANWestern Hemisphere city founded in 1521
CADIZSpanish city founded in 1100 B.C.
OMSKSoviet city founded in 1716
PEORIAMidwest city founded as Fort Clark
LYONFr. city, founded 43 B.C.
CAIROCity founded in 969
NEWORLEANSCity founded in 1718 by the Sieur de Bienville
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