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Crossword Answers: Chilean-tennis-star
RIOSChilean tennis star
ASHE'70s tennis star
EVERT'70s tennis star
ROSEMARYCASALS'70s tennis star
ALTHEA'50s tennis star Gibson
ORANTES'70s tennis star from Spain
LENDL'80s tennis star
CLERC'80s tennis star Jose-Luis
SEGURA1950's tennis star Pancho
RAUL1970s tennis star Ramirez
HENMAN1990s-2000s English tennis star Tim
HELENASUKOVA80's-90's Czech tennis star
CASHAussie tennis star
HOADAustralian tennis star
PESOChilean bread
PESOSChilean bread
ALLENDE'70s Chilean leader
AUCANChilean Indian
FREIChilean President: 1964-70
SEAChilean ___ bass (Patagonian toothfish)
LANChilean airline
OLEChilean cheer
IVANLENDL#1 tennis player for much of the '80s
ILIE"Nasty" Nastase of tennis
ANYONE"Tennis ___?"
LAVER"The Rocket" of tennis
ASET"Want to play ___?": tennis request
INOR"___out?" (tennis shot query)
RENE'20s tennis champ Lacoste
BORG'70-'80s tennis great

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