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Crossword Answers: Chilean-tennis-star
RIOSChilean tennis star
VENUSTennis star Williams
SERENATennis star Williams
NADALTennis star Rafael
BORISTennis star Becker
GRAFTennis star Steffi
BEETSAMPRASVegetarian tennis star?
WENTFORHERSHOTSThe tennis star...
NATASHATennis star Zvereva
GABRIELAGlamorous Argentine tennis star, ... Sabatini
EVONNEGOOLAGONGSelf-centered Australian tennis star?
NEALEAussie tennis star Fraser
ANAWomen's tennis star Ivanovic
HEAVEMARIA*Throw tennis star Sharapova?
SERENER___ Williams (calmer tennis star)
KATARINAWomen's tennis star Srebotnik
FARGOGRAFTennis star relocated to North Dakota?
LACOSTETennis star in the 20's
TODDTennis star ___ Martin
ANKETennis star ___ Huber
SEAESTennis star on Season 6 of "Dancing With the Stars"
IVANLENTIL1980s tennis star who was a top seed?
BJORNLOSERUnlikely 1970s headline for a Swedish tennis star?
ARCHERASHETennis star with a second career in another sport?
SENORAChilean lady
SANTIAGOChilean capital (8)
AUGUSTOPINOCHETFormer Chilean leader
LITHIUMBig Chilean export
RAPANUINoted Chilean island
LOAChilean river
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