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Crossword Answers: Chilean-tennis-star
RIOSChilean tennis star
IVANOVICTennis star Ana
SUPERSEDEReplace great tennis star on the radio
LLEYTONAustralian tennis star; ... Hewitt (7)
THOMASTennis star, .... Muster
STOLLE60s Australian tennis star, 'Fiery' Fred ...
ROSCOE'70s-'80s tennis star Tanner
NOVAKTennis star Djokovic
FEDERERTennis star Roger
MARIASHARAPOVATennis star with five Grand Slam titles
NOAHTennis star Yannick ___
ZINATennis star Garrison
GABRIELAGlamorous Argentine tennis star, ... Sabatini
NADALTennis star Rafael
BORISTennis star Becker
EVONNEGOOLAGONGSelf-centered Australian tennis star?
NEALEAussie tennis star Fraser
CLAVIERCaught old tennis star pocketing one keyboard (7)
RODLAVERTennis star ranked #1 in the world, 1964-70
NAVRATILOVATennis star Martina ... was born on October 18, 1956
CONNOLLYSurname of American tennis star nicknamed "Little Mo" (8)
ANDREAGASSIVeteran tennis star and winner of eight Grand Slam titles (5,6)
SEAESTennis star on Season 6 of "Dancing With the Stars"
IVANLENTIL1980s tennis star who was a top seed?
SEEDSTennis stars involved in broadcasting (5)
BJORNFREESwedish tennis star's favorite movie?
WILLSPlaying in the first half of the twentieth century, she is still considered to be one of the greates
BASSChilean Sea ____
EASTERChilean island
SENORAChilean lady
SANTIAGOChilean capital (8)
AUGUSTOPINOCHETFormer Chilean leader
LITHIUMBig Chilean export
EDUARDO___ Frei, Chilean leader succeeded by Allende
PUNTA___ Arenas (Chilean port)
LASCARVolcano in the Chilean Andes
PATAGONIATorres del Paine is a popular tourist destination in the Chilean part of this tableland region of so
ESMERALDASailiing ship in the Chilean navy, this training vessel is alleged to have been used for detention a
BERNARDOChilean independence hero of the 19th century, ... O'Higgins
LEANTOBuilding added on to some Chilean tower (4-2)
PINOCHETChilean dictator who led the coup that ousted and resulted in the death of president Salvador Allend
MONKEYPUZZLESounds like something the primate has trouble figuring out in Chilean tree (6,6)
ENCHILADAGone off Chilean Da making dinner in Mexico (9)
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