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Crossword Answers: Chemist's-condiment
NACLChemist's condiment
ELEMENTSThe weather for chemists? (8)
PESTLEChemist's grinding tool (6)
IODINEChemist's "I"
BOILChemist's reported growth (4)
DRUGSTOREChemist's shop (9)
TEST___ tube; chemist's vial
ANIONSWhat chemists find attractive?
LITMUSPAPERChemist's reading matter? (2 wds.)
LABCOATChemist's outerwear
LABCOATSChemists' cover-ups
PHARMACYChemist's shop (8)
ELEMENTSomething found on a chemist's table
ORGANICCOMPOUNDChemist's substance
ASPIRINSold by chemists in Paris, perhaps (7)
RETORTCounter is part of chemist's equipment (6)
BOOTLESSVain little man in the chemist's (8)
OPTICIANSChoose industrial chemists' solution: we deal with ... (9)
ASSAYS"Analyses within", as say Scottish chemists (6)
GOTNOREACTIONThe joke at the chemists' convention __
DISPENSINGMaking critical comments about writer working at the chemist's?
KIOSKSBoots replacing foremost of chemists with very big retail outlets (6)
FLEABITEGet out reportedly and take the bait to chemists - they generally have something to take the sting o
THETUBEFAIRYWhere very young chemists think lab equipment comes from?
SEASONAdd condiments
CRUETCondiments jar
SEASONSAdds condiments
CATSUPSMild condiments
SEASONINGCondiments added to food
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