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Crossword Answers: Chemist's-condiment
NACLChemist's condiment
TEST___ tube; chemist's vial
ANIONSWhat chemists find attractive?
LITMUSPAPERChemist's reading matter? (2 wds.)
LABCOATChemist's outerwear
LABCOATSChemists' cover-ups
PHARMACYChemist's shop (8)
ELEMENTSomething found on a chemist's table
ORGANICCOMPOUNDChemist's substance
LABSChemists' workshops
KOHPotassium hydroxide, to chemists
HCLStomach acid, to chemists
SENSEOFSMELLFragrance chemist's asset
HOHWater, to chemists
PERIODICTable for chemists?
ISOTOPESChemist's relatives?
OLEATESWhat chemists see a lot of
NAOHSodium hydroxide, to chemists
RETORTSSharp replies by chemists
GOTNOREACTIONThe joke at the chemists' convention __
DISPENSINGMaking critical comments about writer working at the chemist's?
KIOSKSBoots replacing foremost of chemists with very big retail outlets (6)
FLEABITEGet out reportedly and take the bait to chemists - they generally have something to take the sting o
THETUBEFAIRYWhere very young chemists think lab equipment comes from?
SEASONAdd condiments
CRUETCondiments jar
SEASONSAdds condiments
CATSUPSMild condiments
SEASONINGCondiments added to food
KETCHUPSFast food condiments
SALSASCantina condiments
SALTANDPEPPERTable condiments
CATSUPBATTLECondiments aisle dispute?
PLAINWithout condiments
CHEEZQUIZTest on processed condiments?
CAPERSRelish condiments
CRUMPETMember getting in the condiments has a cake
LAZYSUSANRevolving tray, often divided into sections, for holding condiments or relishes (4,5)
DIMEAmerican coin found in middle of condiments
VINEGARSCondiments made from French wine and grapes fermented without phosphorus (8)
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