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Crossword Answers: Charon's-carrier
FERRYCharon's carrier
FERRYBOATCharon's river craft? (5,4)
ACHERONCharon's river, in Hades
SOULSCharon's passengers
STYGIANLike Charon's world
SKELETONCRUISEExcursion on Charon's ferry?
OARCharon's tool
PLUTOCharon's planet
OBOLCharon's ferry fare
HADESCharon's destination
STYXCharon's course
FERRYMENCharon's colleagues
HIPPOCRATESThe medicine man's beastly carriers? (11)
ATTACHECASESDocument carriers (7,5)
EGGSHELLSClutch baby carriers (9)
OMNIBUSESDoctor upset writer's taking "exercise" in people carriers (9)
BETRAYERThe carrier's in liquor, the rat! (8)
INFRAREDRAYSIn France it's unusual to see beer carriers - in fact they aren't seen at all (8,4)
EPHODSRecord carriers worn by old priests (6)
HOMEBIRDSSetter with backbone in carriers that don't go far (4,5)
SCHOOLGOVERNORSCarriers of educational cans for fish on Grosvenor Way (6,9)
ARKROYALName of five Royal Navy aircraft carriers (3,5)
METHODBecome acquainted with brick carrier's way of working (6)
CATAPULTMissile launcher fitted to aircraft carriers (8)
DRAINPIPESDip pears in mixture from water-carriers (10)
SARACENSPeople brought in without armoured personnel carriers (8)
EBOATSTorpedo carriers ordered to base (1-5)
MAINThe biggest of the canvas carriers (medium) is not commonly found round mother's (8)

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