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Crossword Answers: Charon's-carrier
FERRYCharon's carrier
ACHERONCharon's river, in Hades
SOULSCharon's passengers
STYGIANLike Charon's world
SKELETONCRUISEExcursion on Charon's ferry?
OARCharon's tool
PLUTOCharon's planet
OBOLCharon's ferry fare
HADESCharon's destination
STYXCharon's course
FERRYMENCharon's colleagues
NPR"All Things Considered" carrier
ESPN"Baseball Tonight" carrier
RAFT"Cast Away" carrier
CNBC"Closing Bell" carrier
AANDE"Cold Case Files" carrier
HBO"Deadwood" carrier
CBS"Face the Nation" carrier
AORTA"Fantastic Voyage" carrier
COURTTV"Forensic Files" carrier
OPHELIA"Hamlet" flower carrier
NBC"Just Shoot Me" carrier
QANTASAIRWAYS"Kangaroo Route" carrier
CNN"Lou Dobbs Moneyline" carrier
STRETCHERSCarriers of bricks
ROCSMythical elephant carriers
LEFTARMSShield carriers, usually
STILLSTATIONERYMail carrier's pun (part 5)
ITSMail carrier's pun (part 4)
PUSHTHEENVELOPEMail carrier's pun (part 3)
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