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Crossword Answers: Charon's-carrier
FERRYCharon's carrier
FERRYBOATCharon's river craft? (5,4)
ACHERONCharon's river, in Hades
SOULSCharon's passengers
STYGIANLike Charon's world
SKELETONCRUISEExcursion on Charon's ferry?
OARCharon's tool
PLUTOCharon's planet
OBOLCharon's ferry fare
HADESCharon's destination
STYXCharon's course
FERRYMENCharon's colleagues
MACSCoats for brolly carriers
IPODSTune carriers
MARESColt carriers
GOALLINESBall carriers' objectives
POSTBAGLetter carrier's shoulder bag.
PALLBEARERSCoffin carriers
SHOPPINGBAGSGrocery carriers (8-4)
RELAYA race of carriers
VENOMSOf the blood carriers (6)
ACCarrier's invention
KLMDutch carrier's letters
BEERMUGSSpooner"s reported basic disease carriers in these drinking vessels (4,4)
NAVYCHROMEWhat the bumpers are made of on aircraft carriers?
OMNIBUSESDoctor upset writer's taking "exercise" in people carriers (9)
BETRAYERThe carrier's in liquor, the rat! (8)
INFRAREDRAYSIn France it's unusual to see beer carriers - in fact they aren't seen at all (8,4)

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