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Crossword Answers: Certain-wing-feather
TERTIALCertain wing feather
FEARWhite feather
COLDFEETWhite feather
SPUMESSoft feather missing length in ship found on waves (6)
MAEVEAuthor of The Glass Lake and Scarlett Feather, ... Binchy
LYREBIRDLogo of the Australian Film Commission, this native bird is famed for its mimicking ability and tail
EIDERDOWNFeather-filled quilt
FAIRWEATHERWear feather, advises Spooner, in sunny climate (4,7)
PAISLEYFeather-shaped pattern
DUSTERCleaning aid, feather ...
SOFTLike a feather pillow
ONESBREATH"I'm light as a feather, but nobody can hold me for very long ..."
PREENERFeather-fixing bird
RIBTICKLERRidicule a feather?
BARBFeather tip
OPPOSITESATTRACTBirds of a feather flock together, but ...
LOWE"The West Wing" actor
ALDA"The West Wing" actor
SHEEN"The West Wing" actor
AVAST"... ___ right-wing conspiracy"
YON"... bring Him that ___ soars on golden wing": Milton
INONA"Comin' ___ Wing and..."
ISADORA"Fear of Flying" protagonist ___ Wing
RUBDOWNDifficulty getting feathers dry
FULLYFLEDGEDHaving acquired adult feathers (5,7)
LOLAShe had yellow feathers in her hair, in song
DOWNHEARTEDFeathers on tree had turned blue (4-7)
GROUNDDOWNPersecuted for having crushed feathers (6,4)
BOTSWANANation first to tag bird among feathers round neck (8)
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