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Crossword Answers: Certain-wing-feather
TERTIALCertain wing feather
ELLSCertain wings
LIGHT... as a feather
VANEPart of a feather (4)
SHERIAuthor, White Feather
TARAND___ feather
HERBSimple feature of the feather bed
BIRDSCreatures of a feather who flock together?
EIDERDOWNFeather-filled quilt
LOWE"The West Wing" actor
ALDA"The West Wing" actor
SHEEN"The West Wing" actor
AVAST"... ___ right-wing conspiracy"
INONA"Comin' ___ Wing and..."
ISADORA"Fear of Flying" protagonist ___ Wing
JOSEPHLesley _; Dorien from Birds of a Feather (6)
MAURICEComedy writer whose work with Laurence Marks includes television sitcom Birds of a Feather (7,4)
ONABing Crosby warned, "But if you don't care a feather or a fig; You may grow up to be a pig," in the
SWINGBing Crosby sang, "But if you don't care a feather or a fig, You may grow up to be a pig," in the Os
AIRHEADFeather-brain needs help to catch leggy bird (7)
SPUMESSoft feather missing length in ship found on waves (6)
MAEVEAuthor of The Glass Lake and Scarlett Feather, ... Binchy
LYREBIRDLogo of the Australian Film Commission, this native bird is famed for its mimicking ability and tail
FAIRWEATHERWear feather, advises Spooner, in sunny climate (4,7)
YON"... bring Him that ___ soars on golden wing": Milton
BARBFilament of a feather's web (4)
GRADEDOWNRate goose feathers?
TOUCHDOWNFeel fluffy feathers on the landing (9)
PLUCKEDPulled off feathers
PEACOCKSBirds with showy feathers
HERONMAKEUPFeathers, pointy bill, long legs, etc.?
ONLY"--- Angels Have Wings"
EGG"Back to the ___" (1979 Wings album)
MRMISTER"Broken Wings" band
CUL__ de canard: duck feathers used to tie fishing flies
COCKPITWhere feathers used to fly (and pilots still do) (7)
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