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Crossword Answers: Certain-wing-feather
TERTIALCertain wing feather
FLEDGEDevelop wing feathers (6)
ELLSCertain wings
UTECollegian with a two-feather logo
AQUILAA feather trimmed on American eagle
BARBICELHooked projection on a bird feather
WAFTFloat through the air, as a feather
GERTRUDEMCFUZZShe had only one tail feather (Seuss)
PENNIFORMShaped like a feather (9)
OCELLIPeacock feather spots
MOLTShed a feather
COCKADEFeather in one's cap (literally) (7)
BEREFTDeprived of feather (initially) in cap (6)
SPOONFEDFeather-bedded (5-3)
STICKLERPerfectionist given small feather (8)
LOWE"The West Wing" actor
ALDA"The West Wing" actor
SHEEN"The West Wing" actor
AVAST"... ___ right-wing conspiracy"
INONA"Comin' ___ Wing and..."
ISADORA"Fear of Flying" protagonist ___ Wing
WHITEColour of a feather traditionally used as a symbol of cowardice; tea or coffee with milk or cream; o
ALWYNMORRIS1984 Los Angeles: Olympic kayak champion who raised an eagle feather when he and teammate Hugh Fishe
SOFTLIGHTAccompaniment of 6 19, downy like a feather (4,5)
FOWLFeather-headed wise bird is a bird, of course (4)
YON"... bring Him that ___ soars on golden wing": Milton
VANEDEquipped with feathers
SLEEKERShinier (feathers)
GETDOWNObtain feathers from duck to make blue
BACKDOWNSupport with feathers leads to collapse (4,4)
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