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Crossword Answers: Certain-wing-feather
TERTIALCertain wing feather
DIFFICULTSITUATIONBird of another feather
KETTLEOFFISHBird of another feather
AFIG"And if you don't care a feather or ___..."
OFA"Birds ___ feather..."
ATAIL"Shake ___ Feather"
GEE"You could've knocked me over with a feather!"
HONORA feather in one's cap
PENNAAbbr. state of a feather
RAMSHACKLEBatters bird feather
PLUMEBig feather
LOWE"The West Wing" actor
ALDA"The West Wing" actor
SHEEN"The West Wing" actor
SMITS"The West Wing" actor
AVAST"... ___ right-wing conspiracy"
YON"... bring Him that ___ soars on golden wing": Milton
INONA"Comin' ___ Wing and..."
ISADORA"Fear of Flying" protagonist ___ Wing
TOMLIN"The West Wing" actress
EMMY"The West Wing" award
NBC"The West Wing" network

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