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Crossword Answers: Celestial-Altar
ARACelestial Altar
PLANETOIDSmallish celestial body
ORIONSBELTPart of a celestial hunter
PARTIALECLIPSEBiased, surpass a celestial event (7,7)
BIGDIPPERCelestial ladle
HERBTEASCelestial Seasonings potables
ALBEDOReflection of a celestial body
HALOESCelestial circles
BLACKHOLECelestial object (5,4)
ASTROPHYSICSScience of celestial bodies (12)
UNEARTHLYCelestial lunar cycle they incorporated (9)
SOLARSYSTEMCelestial structure (5,6)
CORONASCelestial body circlers
ZENITHCelestial high point (6)
VIRGO*Celestial maiden
REDMOON'90 album by The Call about a celestial body
COMEOUTReveal at last where in France celestial body can be seen outside
AZIMUTHAngle between vertical plane containing a celestial body and plane of the meridian (7)
ALTAngular distance above the horizon (especially of a celestial object).
AZThe azimuth of a celestial body is the angle between the vertical plane containing it and the plane
HALLEYSCOMETCelestial body visible from earth every 76 years (7,5)
LUNARECLIPSECelestial event in which the earth interrupts light shining on the moon (5,7)
NEPTUNEElectronic enthusiast to write about celestial body (7)
LUNAR___ eclipse (celestial event in which the moon may appear red)
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