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Crossword Answers: Celestial-Altar
ARACelestial Altar
CANISMajor or Minor celestial dog
DECLINATIONCelestial latitude
STARLIGHTCelestial illumination (9)
HALOCelestial circle
MORMONSCelestial marriage practitioners
SUNCelestial body (3)
FIRMAMENTThe celestial sphere (9)
ASTRONOMYThe study of celestial bodies (9)
LODESTARCelestial reference point for navigation (8)
OSTARSVery hot celestial orbs
UFOSCelestial sightings
PARALLAXCelestial phenom
BUTTERMILKSKYDale Evans's favorite celestial sight?
HEAVENLIESTMost celestial
ASTROPrefix meaning "celestial"
POLESTARCelestial navigation guide
ZODIACCelestial coordinate system
ANGELICelestial beings, in Bologna
URANUSCelestial body managed to reach America after turn (6)
MERIDIANCircle passing through the celestial poles (8)
ASTEROIDSSmall celestial bodies that move around the sun (9)
VENUSCelestial body seen in heaven, usually (5)
SIRIUSCelestial body in the constellation Canis Major also called the Dog Star (6)
NADIRPoint on the celestial sphere directly below an observer (5)
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