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Crossword Answers: Causes-for-alarm-in-the-West-German-capital
BONNFIRESCauses for alarm in the West German capital?
ARSONSonar signal sets off alarm in the station (5)
BONNFormer West German capital
OVERTHREWCompleted writing in The West and got rid of cabinet (9)
TOBAGOAlso covering a case in the West Indies
FROMEWhence dawn breaks in the West Country (5)
TAUNTONFrom Dakota unto Nevada, somewhere in the West Country (7)
GUADELOUPEFrench overseas department in the West Indies (10)
BARTLETPresident played by Martin Sheen in The West Wing, Jed ... (7)
WHEREAMIQuestion of the lost explosive paper in the West Indies (5,2,1)
EXMOORIn the West Country without having to hitch (6)
CHEDDARSome reached Dartmoor in the West Country (7)
LORIENTIn France, the east is in the west (7)
MAELSTROMWhirlpool in the West: fifty corpses resurrected (9)
JAMAICAIsland in the West Indies (7)
PHRYGIAGreek name of an ancient state in the west-central part of Anatolia (modern Turkey), associated with
UPONADirector Sergio Leone's epic spaghetti Western, Once ... Time In The West (4,1)
REDBOOKQuotations From Chairman Mao Zedong was better known in the West as The Little ... (3,4)
RICOTerritory in the West Indies with the capital San Juan, Puerto ... (4)
EXETERWhat would you call Boatman, if he retired in the West Country? (6)
NOBELCredited with the invention of dynamite in the west, which Swedish chemist left a substantial fortun
OLIVERBoy befriended by the Artful Dodger in the West End musical based on Dickens' classic novel
OBWhich prefix meaning "toward", "to", "over" or "against" is also the name of a gulf and river in the
NOCTURNALAfter reversal, Labour's third in the west with Conservative gaining swing overnight (9)
MANICHEESSpace in the West's for dualists (9)
IMUPShout when there's no cause for alarm?
NOTTOWORRYNo traction in hill railway? There's no cause for alarm (3,2,5)
OVERSLEEPDo this too often and there's cause for alarm
FIRECause for alarm
SCARECause for alarm
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