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Crossword Answers: Causes-for-alarm-in-the-West-German-capital
BONNFIRESCauses for alarm in the West German capital?
BONNFormer West German capital
LEONE'Once Upon a Time in the West' director
ROBLOWEBrat Packer acting in "The West Wing"
FOXIDENTALCanine that lives in the West?
LASSOCatch in the West
DUDECity fellow in the West
FIRECause for alarm
SCARECause for alarm
DANGERCause for alarm
ISTEnding for "alarm" or "bass"
BERLINGerman capital
MARKGerman capital
PFENNIGSARIZONAAmerican capital named for German capital?
FLATSCauses for car jackings?
ACHESCauses for complaint
COMMASCauses for pauses
RULEINFRACTIONSCauses for penalties
LETSCauses for third serves
ERHARDEx-West German chancellor Ludwig
KONRADADENAUERFirst West German chancellor
GREY"Code of the West" author
ZANEGREY"Code of the West" author
HAI"...having Bethel on the west, and ___ on the east" (Gen 1
ILOOK"...when ___ to the West..." ("Stairway to Heaven" line)
ZANE"Code of the West" author Grey

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