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Crossword Answers: Causes-for-alarm-in-the-West-German-capital
BONNFIRESCauses for alarm in the West German capital?
BONNFormer West German capital
TELAVIVCity in the West of Israel (3,4)
UPONATIMESergio Leone spaghetti Western, Once ... In The West (4,1,4)
GUNFIGHTPiece on The Clash leads to bitter exchange in the west (8)
ARMSRACEIs it won by the fastest guns in the West?
ESTATELand in the west at eventide (6)
CALYPSOForm of folk music developed in Trinidad in the West Indies
FRAILTYTHYWords from Hamlet confusing family with satyr in the West Country (7,3,4,2,5)
ERNIEAccording to Benny Hill, he drove the fastest milkcart in the West
WISESTAnswer is in the west? Most sensible! (6)
GALWAYTurn to fall behind the street in the west (6)
EDYSBrand known as Dreyer's in the West
THESTINGRobert Redford and Paul Newman's follow up to Butch Cassidy had the pair as con men in the 30s rathe
PROUD"They said she was too good for him; She was haughty, ... and chic; But Ernie got his cocoa there; T
WITTIESTOne race from island in the west has the funniest way of saying things (8)
EVENINGThe planet Venus appearing in the west at sunset is called the ... star
WOLVERHAMPTONEnglish town in the West Midlands with a football team nicknamed Wolves (13)
SLIGOTurns up, Giles dropped sweetheart with nothing in the west of Ireland (5)
CARDINALEClaudia ___, actress who played Jill McBain in 1968 film western Once Upon a Time in the West (9)
TAOISMChinese philosophy founded by Laozi (better known in the West as Lao Tzu)
TRINIDADIsland in the West Indies that was united with Tobago in 1888 as a single colony (8)
INDIAN___ Ocean, body of water bordered by Africa in the west and Australia in the east (6)
COVENTRYCathedral city in the West Midlands devastated by bombing in World War II (8)
OVERSLEEPDo this too often and there's cause for alarm
PERILCause for alarm
DANGERCause for alarm
FIRECause for alarm
SCARECause for alarm
BREAKINCause for alarm
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