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Crossword Answers: Catherine-of-Home-Alone
OHARACatherine of Home Alone
HEARDJohn of "Home Alone"
PESCIJoe of "Home Alone"
PARRCatherine of history
ARAGONCatherine of --
ANNEBOLEYNCatherine of Aragon's successor, marriagewise
ISABELLACatherine of Aragon's mother
HICKSCatherine of '7th Heaven'
DENEUVECatherine of "The Convent"
KEENERCatherine of "Being John Malkovich"
CULKIN"Home Alone" child star
OHAREAirport in "Home Alone"
EMPTYNESTWhere the parents are home alone
LEFTBEHINDLike Kevin in "Home Alone"
SIENA"Catherine of ___: The Dialogue" (religious book)
TIMMan who left his daughter Faye Windass home alone while he worked away in Coronation Street (3,8)
AGAPELike Macaulay Culkin on the "Home Alone" poster
ODESSACity founded by Catherine the Great
TSARCatherine Palace resident, once
SCATHINGBeing bitter little Catherine enters to confess all
CHICAGOMusical filmed with Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones
JASPERAVENUEMontreal's is Rue Sainte-Catherine; Toronto's is Yonge Street ...what is Edmonton's main thoroughfar
SERENA__ Campbell, surgeon at Holby City Hospital played by Catherine Russell (6)
SPINACHCatherine de' Medici is said to have eaten it at every meal
TYLDESLEYCatherine __, Corrie actress who plays Eva Price (9)
NESTS"Cheep" homes?
HUTS"Gilligan's Island" homes
TEPEES"Dances With Wolves" homes

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