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Crossword Answers: Catherine-of-Home-Alone
OHARACatherine of Home Alone
HEARDJohn of "Home Alone"
PESCIJoe of "Home Alone"
BACHCatherine of The Dukes of Hazzard
ANNEBOLEYNCatherine of Aragon's successor, marriagewise
PARRCatherine of history
ISABELLACatherine of Aragon's mother
ARAGONCatherine of --
HICKSCatherine of '7th Heaven'
DENEUVECatherine of "The Convent"
KEENERCatherine of "Being John Malkovich"
SIENA"Catherine of ___: The Dialogue" (religious book)
MARVHarry and __, "Home Alone" bad guys
CULKIN"Home Alone" child star
OHAREAirport in "Home Alone"
EMPTYNESTWhere the parents are home alone
AGAPELike Macaulay Culkin on the "Home Alone" poster
TIMMan who left his daughter Faye Windass home alone while he worked away in Coronation Street (3,8)
HOUSEBREAKINGDemolition of homes is a crime
ONTPart of HOMES (abbr.)
ENERGYAUDITSEvaluations of homes' insulation, light usage, etc.
ESTATEGroup of homes hidden in forest, at El Dorado (6)
THEArticle Catherine hides (3)
HENRYVIIIKing with three wives named Catherine
WELSHLike Tom Jones or Catherine Zeta-Jones
EDGARLINTONHusband of Catherine Earnshaw in Wuthering Heights (5,6)
ARMYWilliam %26 Catherine Booth set up this institution for saving souls and helping the needy; The Salv
SARAHAward-winning actress known for her role as Catherine Cawood in 2014 TV series Happy Valley (5,10)
HONORBLACKMANDiana Rigg played Emma Peel in The Avengers, but this actress was John Steed's first assistant, Cath
NESTS"Cheep" homes?
TEPEES"Dances With Wolves" homes
HUTS"Gilligan's Island" homes
ZETAJONESCatherine ___ (Chicago costar of 23 Across; 2 wds.)
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