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Crossword Answers: Catherine-of-Home-Alone
OHARACatherine of Home Alone
HEARDJohn of "Home Alone"
PESCIJoe of "Home Alone"
OXENBERGActress Catherine of "Dynasty"
BACHCatherine of The Dukes of Hazzard
ANNEBOLEYNCatherine of Aragon's successor, marriagewise
PARRCatherine of history
ISABELLACatherine of Aragon's mother
ARAGONCatherine of --
HICKSCatherine of '7th Heaven'
DENEUVECatherine of "The Convent"
KEENERCatherine of "Being John Malkovich"
SIENA"Catherine of ___: The Dialogue" (religious book)
MARVHarry and __, "Home Alone" bad guys
WOLSEYThomas -; cardinal who failed to negotiate Henry VIII's annulment from Catherine of Aragon before be
HYBRIDSHeartless king with wives, excepting last Catherine of varied stock (7)
ROSEWINDOWLight wine is a popular addition to front of house in a glass called after Catherine of Alexandria (
MACAULAYCULKINActor who was left home alone in "Home Alone"
HOUSINGESTATELarge area of homes (7,6)
HOUSEBREAKINGDemolition of homes is a crime
ONTPart of HOMES (abbr.)
STYLISTOne who designs a register of homes in Swine Avenue? (7)
ESTATEGroup of homes hidden in forest, at El Dorado (6)
INTERCHANGEABLEThe same bangle Catherine ordered (15)
ANSPACHSusan, actress whose film roles include Catherine Van Ost in Five Easy Pieces (7)
TATEDr Who's 2008 series companion is played by comedienne and actress, Catherine ...
BLUE1995 film starring Sean Pertwee, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Ewan McGregor (4,5)

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