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Crossword Answers: Catchphrase-that-encourages-extravagance
GOBIGORGOHOMECatchphrase that encourages extravagance
SASHAYAWAYReality TV show catchphrase that means "leave"
SERTACompany that encourages people to lie?
ADAOrg. that encourages flossing
TAKEALUKEAROUNDStar Wars boutique that encourages browsing?
RIFProgram that encourages kids to read books: Abbr.
PUBLICQUIRKSOFFICEAgency that encourages eccentric behavior?
SIMONSAYSWords that encourage people to do as they're told
BABYLONBiblical city, a synonym for extravagance (7)
OUTREThe route of extravagance (5)
WASTENOTWANTNOTAphorism against extravagance
SCRIMPEschew extravagance
LAVISHLYWith extravagance
JAZZAGETime of extravagance and hedonism
ALLFORONEWith 21-Down, catchphrase that provides a hint to eight answers in this puzzle
MARIEANTOINETTETermination at extremes of extravagance ordained for her? (5,10)
SHEERWASTEWhere seats can be seen as utter extravagance (5,5)

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