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Crossword Answers: Catchphrase-that-encourages-extravagance
GOBIGORGOHOMECatchphrase that encourages extravagance
ADAOrg. that encourages flossing
TAKEALUKEAROUNDStar Wars boutique that encourages browsing?
PUBLICQUIRKSOFFICEAgency that encourages eccentric behavior?
RIFProgram that encourages kids to read books: Abbr.
WASTENOTWANTNOTAphorism against extravagance
SCRIMPEschew extravagance
LAVISHLYWith extravagance
OUTSPENTSurpassed in extravagance
ABSTINENCENot extravagance
ECONOMYNot extravagance
AUSTERITYNot extravagance
JAZZAGETime of extravagance and hedonism
ALLFORONEWith 21-Down, catchphrase that provides a hint to eight answers in this puzzle

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