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Crossword Answers: Cager's-shot-that-misses-everything
AIRBALLCager's shot that misses everything
AIRSHOT Golf stroke that misses the ball (3,4)
FILETCut that misses the bone
STILLA camera shot that lacks sparkle (5)
PANShot that moves across a landscape
ACEShot that doesn't require putting?
PUTTShot that rolls
DRAMATICIRONFairway shot that goes in the hole?
LETTennis shot that must be replayed
HOLEINONEShot that eliminates putting
VACCINATIONShot that helps to protect against a virus
LAGShot that determines who breaks, in pool
TALLTALEHuge report is long shot that could be true (4,4)
INOFFBilliards shot that goes into a pocket after striking another ball (2-3)
EXITENMASSETrick shot that knocks the balls off a French pool table?
DINKSLight tennis shots that fall just over the net
MULLIGANSShots that never happened, wink-wink
BADLike shots that go in the water
ONSGolf shots that reach the green
BUZZERBEATERShot that proves 17-/57-Across
KNICKSNew York cagers
TREYCager's long shot
CELTSBoston cagers, informally
MAGICOrlando cagers
HORNETSNew Orleans cagers
BULLSChicago cagers
SIXERSPhilly cagers
SUNSBOULEVARDWhere Phoenix cagers drive?
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