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Crossword Answers: Cager's-shot-that-misses-everything
AIRBALLCager's shot that misses everything
AIRSHOTGolf stroke that misses the ball (3,4)
FILETCut that misses the bone
TURNShot that gives you quite a shock
LOBTennis shot that goes over the opponent's head
HOOKBad shot that catches the eye
PLUGGEDShot that"s continually advertised (7)
MASSEShot that will curve the cue ball's path
GLANCEShot that may have some lead in it (6)
CHIPApproach shot that may be sliced (4)
RICOCHETThe shot that comes off
STILLA camera shot that lacks sparkle (5)
PANShot that moves across a landscape
FOURCricket shot that touches the ground before crossing the boundary (4)
DOUBLETAKEStand in each shot - that will cause a couple of reactions (6,4)
TALLTALEHuge report is long shot that could be true (4,4)
AIRBALLSShots that completely miss the basket: 2 wds.
LOBSTennis shots that go high up in the air
DINKSLight tennis shots that fall just over the net
MULLIGANSShots that never happened, wink-wink
BADLike shots that go in the water
ONSGolf shots that reach the green
GOALTENDINGCager's no-no
HOOPSCagers' goals
KNICKSNew York cagers
TREYCager's long shot
CELTSBoston cagers, informally
MAGICOrlando cagers
HORNETSNew Orleans cagers
BULLSChicago cagers

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