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Crossword Answers: Cager's-shot-that-misses-everything
AIRBALLCager's shot that misses everything
FILETCut that misses the bone
DUNKBasketball shot that is slammed down
DUNKSHOTBasketball shot that is slammed down
SLAMDUNKBasketball shot that is slammed down
STUFFSHOTBasketball shot that is slammed down
CLOSEUPCamera shot that gets all the details
LAGShot that determines who breaks, in pool
CELTICSBoston cagers
WRISTLETCager's armband
SWISHCager's favorite sound
BBALLCager's game
JUMPPASSCager's maneuver
FOULCager's misdeed
DEVOBand that simultaneously released the albums "Greatest Hits" and "Greatest Misses"
LASSESBurns' misses
FANSCompletely misses the ball
MLLESFr. misses
ELLESFrench misses
STRIKEOUTSHitters' misses
BOULDERDASH"... but Chris rocks! (Unless I'm completely daft, in which case everything I'm saying is ___!")
AFTER"August & Everything ___" (Counting Crows album)
UGLY"Everything About You" band ___ Kid Joe
LORI"Everything I Touch Runs Wild" singer Carson
ELSE"Everything Louder Than Everything ___" (Meat Loaf song)
LASSER"Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask)" actress
OLDIS"Everything ___ New Again" (song in the Broadway musical "The Boy From Oz"): 2 wds.

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