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Crossword Answers: Business-get-togethers:-abbr
MTGSBusiness get-togethers: abbr.
TEASAfternoon get-togethers
RALLIESEnthusiastic get-togethers
SOIREESEvening get-togethers
TRYSTSGuarded get-togethers
CEMENTMIXERSMortar men's get-togethers?
ALLKIDDINGASIDE"Back to business!"
NOFOOLINGAROUND"Back to business!"
SERIOUSLYTHOUGH"Back to business!"
CRAINS" ___ New York Business"
OVERTIME" of business and working ___" (BTO lyric)
GARAGE"All I Need to Know About Manufacturing I Learned in Joe's ___" (business book)
FANTASIAANDCO"American Idol" winner's new business after Crocker's Cru Special?
LOWEPROFILES"Austin Powers" actor's analysis business?
LBO"Barbarians at the Gate" business subj.
GREENEBERETS"Bonanza" star's hat business?

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