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Crossword Answers: Business-get-togethers:-abbr
MTGSBusiness get-togethers: abbr.
MTGGet-together: Abbr.
SUMMITMEETINGSGet-togethers for governmental leaders
JAMSImpromptu jazz get-togethers
FESTIVELike holiday get-togethers
MEETSTrack & field get-togethers
BBQSSummer get-togethers, briefly
TURKEYDINNERSSeasonal get-togethers
COLLOQUIAScholarly get-togethers
SUPPERSPotluck get-togethers
AGORAPlace for old get-togethers
FLYINSPilots' get-togethers
CEMENTMIXERSMortar men's get-togethers?
TRYSTSGuarded get-togethers
SOIREESEvening get-togethers
RALLIESEnthusiastic get-togethers
SYNSWords often listed together: Abbr.
MANDATEMANDATEAuthorize two bros' get-together?
REUNITEGet together again
BLOCKPARTYNeighborhood get-together
SOCIALGATHERINGGregarious get-together
HUSHHUSHMEETINGSecret get-together, or what occurs literally in each of this puzzle's circled squares
TAILGATEPARTYPregame get-together
STAGPARTYGet-together for the starts of 17-, 24-, 39- and 50-Across?
BACKYARDCOOKOUTInformal get-together
TAKINGPARTYGet-together for the greedy?
COVENWitches' get-together
WESTERNREUNION"Gunsmoke" cast get-together?
TELBusines scard abbr.
REOPENBe back in busines
SMITHEREENSSmall broken pieces looked at together (11)
LOVEANDSinatra song ... Marriage (they go together like a horse and carriage) (4,3)

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