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Crossword Answers: Bush-judicial-appointee
ROBERTSBush judicial appointee
ALITOBush judicial appointee
THOMASBush judicial appointee
DOGEPursue English legal appointee (4)
POETYearly Library of Congress appointee
ERICObama appointee Holder
JOHNFKERRYCabinet appointee of 2013
RICEBush appointee
OMBUDSMANGovernment appointee who investigates complaints (9)
PENAClinton appointee Federico
KAGAN2010 Supreme Court appointee
OCONNORGroundbreaking Reagan appointee
FEDERALJUDGEPresidential appointee
SONIASOTOMAYORObama appointee of 2009
HUGOBLACKFDR Supreme Court appointee
CZARPowerful presidential appointee
ELENA2010 Supreme Court appointee Kagan
LOUISBRANDEISWoodrow Wilson Supreme Court appointee
BRANDEISWilson Supreme Court appointee
TWOIN"... is worth ___ the bush"
GENTLER"A kinder, ___ nation": Bush
TELLITLIKEITIS"Don't beat around the bush"
ISBE"All we can do ___ thankful" (Bush quote honoring veterans)
WERENOANGELS"Bush acts like Saddam is some awful guy, but ___ ourselves."
YSL"Bush admitted that much of the intelligence we went to war on was faulty. Well, you can't blame the
WHY"... and see this great sight, ___ the bush is not burnt"
WAS"...and the bush ___ not consumed" (Ex. 3:2)

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