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Crossword Answers: Bush-judicial-appointee
THOMASBush judicial appointee
ALITOBush judicial appointee
ROBERTSBush judicial appointee
AMBPres. appointee
SECYPres. appointee
PENAClinton appointee Federico
KAGAN2010 Supreme Court appointee
OCONNORGroundbreaking Reagan appointee
FEDERALJUDGEPresidential appointee
SONIASOTOMAYORObama appointee of 2009
HUGOBLACKFDR Supreme Court appointee
CZARPowerful presidential appointee
ELENA2010 Supreme Court appointee Kagan
LOUISBRANDEISWoodrow Wilson Supreme Court appointee
BRANDEISWilson Supreme Court appointee
ALIU.N. Messenger of Peace appointee in 1998
SOUTERSupreme Court appointee of 1990
HAIGReagan appointee
SCALIAReagan Court appointee

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