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Crossword Answers: Bumble-Bee-product
TUNABumble Bee product
HONEYBee product
WAXBee product
QUILTBee product
COMBHONEYBee product
CRAZYQUILTBee product?
KISTStar-__ (Bumble Bee rival)
YOYOSDuncan's Throw Monkey and Bumble Bee, for two
GERE"Bee Season" star
AKEELAH"Bee" girl
DALIS"Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate One Second Before Awakening" and others
SHOO"Flee, bee!"
ALI"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" boxer
MUDDYWATERS"Honey Bee" blues singer
MENDA"How Can You ___ Broken Heart?": Bee Gees hit
MEND"How Can You ___ a Broken Heart?" (1971 Bee Gees chart-topper)
DOTH"How ___ the little busy bee..."
INA"Life ___ Tin Can" (1973 Bee Gees album)
YOU"Love ___ Inside Out" (1979 Bee Gees chart-topper)
YESM"Okay, Aunt Bee"
PINESOL"Advanced Grease Formula" product
SILK"Bombyx mori" product
TICTACS"Breathe friendly" product
REDI"Easy to use," in product names
TICTAC"Get a bang out of life" product
IVORYSNOW"Laundering with love" product
ECONO"Money-saving," in product names
VASTIMPROVEMENT"Our product represents a ___ in widgetry"
BAG"Paper or plastic?" product
OEUF"Poule" product
RAGU"Rich & Meaty" product
BEER"Strange Brew" product
SALT"When it rains, it pours" product
KCAR'80s Chrysler product

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