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Crossword Answers: Bumble-Bee-product
TUNABumble Bee product
HONEYBee product
QUILTBee product
WAXBee product
COMBHONEYBee product
CRAZYQUILTBee product?
KISTStar-__ (Bumble Bee rival)
BEADLEBumble bee encircles a lad in distress (6)
REINSPECTVet again concerned with finding piano swallowed by bumble bee, possibly (9)
YOYOSDuncan's Throw Monkey and Bumble Bee, for two
MIELSBee products, in Bayeux
BALMBurt's Bees product
STAMINABumble bees did have a doctor's manner (7)
HONEYEDBee's product, Ed, was made smoother and sweeter
SIRMr. Bumble, to Oliver Twist
SAYNot bumble
JACKINBumble, before and after the box, to abandon abstaining from skating (4-2-6)
LAW"The ___ is a ass": Dickens's Mr. Bumble
MOUNTPeggy ___, comedy actress whose roles included Mrs Bumble in 1968 film musical Oliver! (5)

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