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Crossword Answers: Bulova-rivals
OMEGASBulova rivals
SEIKOBulova rival
OMEGABulova rival
TIMEXBulova rival
ROLEXBulova competitor
TVADThe first one, bought by the Bulova Watch Co. for $9, ran on 7/1/1941
VIEBe rivals
COMPETEBe rivals
ELISCrimson rivals
YALIESCrimson rivals
ACRESA suitor in "The Rivals"
NSYNCBackstreet Boys rivals
RAMADABest Western rivals
MACSBig ___ (Whopper rivals)
JETSBills' rivals
YANKSBosox rivals
METSBraves' rivals
OXONIANSCantabrigian's rivals
LAKERSCeltics' rivals
GIVETHEDEVILHISDUEConcede a rival's feat
CRIMSONElis' rivals
ORSINIFamily name of Colonna rivals
VOLSFighting Gamecocks' rivals, for short
KNICKSANDLAKERSFive-time NBA championship rivals
SIENESEFlorentines' rivals
NEMESESFormidable rivals
DEMSG.O.P.'s rivals

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