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Crossword Answers: Bulova-rivals
OMEGASBulova rivals
SEIKOBulova rival
TIMEXBulova rival
OMEGABulova rival
ROLEXBulova competitor
LONEEAGLEBulova watch introduced in '27
CASTAWAYRejected players playing at rival's ground
MIATASRivals of the BMW Z4
GRIZZLIESRockets' rivals
VIRALRival's plan spreading fast (5)
MICERat rivals
LABOURTory rivals
SENATORSCanadiens rivals
OPPOSITIONWorkplace rivals? (10)
TVADThe first one, bought by the Bulova Watch Co. for $9, ran on 7/1/1941
UNOPPOSEDNice one modelled after work with no rivals
LATERSome congratulate rivals after the event (5)
TOMANDJERRYBickering rivals land posh jacket in cloth (3,3,5)
ALLBLACKSThe Wallabies' arch-rivals in rugby union's Bledisloe Cup (3,6)
COOPERNovelist who wrote Riders, Rivals, Polo, Jump! and non-fiction including How to Stay Married and How
ALLEYIn which rivals can hear a pin drop (5)
MATCHLESSLacking a game to play - or rivals (9)
RANGERSDuplicates one lost, including article for Celtic rivals (7)
ULTRAVIRESBeyond one's remit to reconcile true rivals (5,5)

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