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Crossword Answers: Bulova-rivals
OMEGASBulova rivals
SEIKOBulova competitor
ROLEXBulova competitor
TIMEXBulova rival
OMEGABulova alternative
VIEDWere rivals
FBICSI's rivals usually
NATSPhils' rivals
REPSDem. rivals
ORECKSHoover rivals
BRUINSTrojan rivals
LEESWranglers' rivals
REDSPirates rivals
NIKESRivals of Reeboks
DERBYFootball match between close rivals (5)
ORIOLESDivision rivals of the Rays
ATITLike perennial rivals, constantly
UTESArch rivals of BYU's Cougars
PEKESPoms' dog show rivals
ERIESRivals of the Iroquois
TVADThe first one, bought by the Bulova Watch Co. for $9, ran on 7/1/1941
NEWTOne of Mitt's rivals in the 2012 primaries
KEARNS"Team of Rivals" author Doris __ Goodwin

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