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Crossword Answers: Bugs-___
BUNNYBugs ___
BAERHumorist Arthur (Bugs) ___
EARCute as a bug's ___
MORAN20's gangster Bugs ___
ABOO"Bug ___" (Destiny's Child song)
ORA'... bug ___ feature?'
BGONBug-__: Ortho garden product
EYEDBug-___ (agog)
INAA bug ___ rug
LITURGYOffice bug ___ it"s been caught (7)
ANT"A Bug's Life" bug
ATTA"A Bug's Life" ant
ANTS"A Bug's Life" bugs
HARE"A Wild ___" (cartoon in which Bugs Bunny first says "What's up, Doc?")
STINKER"Ain't I a ___?" (Bugs Bunny line)
ATBASE"Back ___, bugs in the software..." ("99 Red Balloons" lyric)
RABBITPUNCH"Bugs Bunny will be ladling out his ___..."
SHOO"Bug off!"
SCAT"Bug off!"
ARUG"... bug in ___"
SPINRAD"Bug Jack Barron" author

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