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Crossword Answers: British-stables
MEWSBritish stables
EGESTAWaste coming from college stables
MUCKYDirty (stables)
TROTGait at the stables
STALLStop working in the stables?
HORSEStables star
MESSLike Augean stables
NEIGHStables sound
SUMOSMen who live in stables
OSTLERSWorkers in stables
STEEDSThey're found in d'Este's stables
WHOAStop at the stables
GLADHANDWelcome good pair of workers in stables (4-4)
PEDALOOld worker from stables with record holds up river craft (6)
PEASANTSCountry folk like an animal for company around stables primarily (8)
ROCKYMOUNTAINSStable's opposite a home, with horses circling in range (5,9)
STUDMacho - stables - boss (4)
EQUERRYIn the past he was the officer responsible for the royal stables (7)
STRAPPERJunior position in the horse racing industry - she or he can usually be found cleaning out the stabl
AUGEASKing of Elis in Greek mythology whose stables were cleaned by Heracles (6)
GANNETTurns up all ten in the stables fed on fish (6)
TOPONYMName of place in which American uncle stables horse (7)
LIVERYMANThe very man you're looking for is behind Number 51 in the stables (9)
BEHOLDYOURHORSESAdmire one's stable?
FOALBabe in the stable
OATBit of a stable diet
SIREDad in a stable
STEEDDenizen of d'Este stable
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