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Crossword Answers: Bring-to-a-halt
CEASEBring to a halt
STOPBring to a halt
ENDBring to a halt
ENDSBrings to a halt
STOPSBrings to a halt
CEASESBrings to a halt
DRAWUPCome to a halt
PULLUPCome to a halt
RESTCome to a halt
CEASEDBrought to a halt
ENDEDBrought to a halt
FINISHBring to a close (6)
GRIND___ to a halt
STOPPEDBrought to a halt (7)
TERMINATEBring to a finish
ACHIEVEBring to a successful outcome (7)
WRAP___ up; bring to a close
STALLSComes to a halt in the auditorium
DESISTSComes to a halt in winding side streets
CONCLUDEBring to a close (8)
STOPSSHORTScreeches to a halt
BOILBring to a ___
STOOPLower oneself to come to a halt ___ nothing in it! (5)
RUNOUTOFSTEAMLeave sauna in a hurry, then come to a halt (3,3,2,5)
ASPHALTRoad surface that brings snake to a halt (7)
STOPPINGComing to a halt it's finally first-rate (8)
DISSOLVEBreak up or bring to a formal end (8)
SCHMALTZBarman comes to a halt admitting master with last letter is overly sentimental (8)

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