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Crossword Answers: Book-mistakes
ERRATABook mistakes
HUMANCapable of mistakes
FALLIBLECapable of mistakes
BONERSEmbarrassing mistakes
GAFFESEmbarrassing mistakes
OATERList of mistakes
STANDSCORRECTEDAcknowledges one's mistakes
EATCROWAdmit one's mistakes
ERASEAttend to mistakes
DONTSCommon mistakes, say
EDITCorrect mistakes in
DOINGWHATSRIGHTCorrecting one's mistakes
TYPOSDaily mistakes
ERRORSDiamond mistakes
BLOOPERSEmbarrassing TV mistakes
SOLIDFairly free of mistakes, as a round
ANEWForgetting about past mistakes
INREDHow a teacher might mark mistakes
ABLERLess likely to make mistakes
NODSLets mistakes pass
RUEDLike past mistakes
CORRIGENDAList of fixed mistakes

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