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Crossword Answers: Book-mistakes
ERRATABook mistakes
CRITICISEPoint out problems or mistakes (9)
VARSITYMistakes are keeping sailor capsized (6)
GIRAFFESMistakes about Iran"s animals (8)
PAYMENTCharge pet with many mistakes (7)
EATHUMBLEPIEAdmit one's mistakes (3,6,3)
SCAPEGOATOne blamed for others' mistakes (9)
SLIPSHODCareless mistakes by brick carrier (8)
ERRORFREEWithout mistakes (5-4)
NOSIERSenior mistakes are more curious (6)
REDPENMarker of mistakes
FLOUNDEREDMade mistakes (10)
OSCARWILDEThe Importance Of Being Earnest author who said 'Experience is the name everyone gives to their mist
BROKEPenniless fellow mistakes left for right (5)
MAKEACLEANBREASTConfess fully one's mistakes or wrongdoings (4,1,5,6)
EYESOREI agree with gold (apart from mistakes outside) - 16! (7)
EXPLAINAWAYOffer excuses or reasons for mistakes (7,4)
TAKESAMISSIs offended, as mistakes could be made (5,5)
SPICEGIRLSMistakes turning up - cold, horrible Geri splitting band (5,5)
CORRECTEDProper journalist took out the mistakes (9)
SCREWSUPHow one driver in turning makes mistakes?
PROOFREADERSThose paid to find mistakes place evidence before subscribers (12)
PROOFREADERA queen is put back between ace of diamonds and another queen I detect mistakes (11)
NAYAActress Rivera with the upcoming memoir "Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up"
BETTINGSLIPSThey indicate the stakes, not the mistakes (7,5)
SORRY"My mistake!"
OOPS"My mistake!"
ALLA"It was ___ mistake!"
ERIE"Mistake by the lake" lake
CROW"My Favorite Mistake" woman
DUH"Like, how did I make THAT mistake?"

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