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Crossword Answers: Book-mistakes
ERRATABook mistakes
DOUBLEFAULTS Repeated mistakes by servicemen (6,6)
EELS"Mistakes of My Youth" band
TERRORSHorrors! Mistakes made after tea! (7)
ACEDMade no mistakes on
SHANKSMistakes made by some bad drivers
DEADENDSMaze mistakes
MARGINOFERRORExtra amount to allow for mistakes
WHONEEDSERASERS"No mistakes so far!"
AVOIDABLELike careless mistakes
ERRATAOFENLIGHTENMENTMistakes one learns from?
FATALLike some mistakes
ERREDMade mistakes
BLOOPSClumsy mistakes
CLEANLYWith no mistakes
EMENDFree of mistakes
HASTECause of careless mistakes
VICTORIANERRATAMistakes in Dickens, say?
CLEANWithout mistakes
CORRECTIf something has no mistakes in it, it is all ... (7)
ONESIDEDMistakes note on unknown vessels, missing cable's header (3-3)
EMENDSRemoves mistakes from the last patches (6)
OWNGOALSBad mistakes in field reports? Eoin gets to highlight them on sports pages! (3,5)
ERASERFraser loses head after sweetheart hides mistakes (6)
ELEPHANTTRUNKWhat a blind man mistakes for a snake, in a fable
ENRAGESAngers Queen Agnes by mistake (7)
LETSLIPReveal mistake on lease (3,4)
RENOVATERenew to avert one mistake (8)
SLILYSilly mistake artfully hidden
ITSMen at Work "___ a Mistake"
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