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Crossword Answers: Boo-Boo-Bear's-co-creator
HANNABoo Boo Bear's co-creator
MATTSTONECo-creator of "The Book of Mormon"
LYNCH"Twin Peaks" co-creator David
EBERTCo-creator of the thumb index?
NEAPoetry Out Loud contest co-creator: Abbr.
LORRE"The Big Bang Theory" co-creator Chuck
EBERSOLDick ___, co-creator of "Saturday Night Live"
HART"The Wizard of Id" co-creator Johnny
ABRAMS"Fringe" co-creator J.J.
GEIGERParticle detector co-creator
SAGAN"Cosmos" co-creator
WALTERSCo-creator of "The View"
LIEBERIron Man co-creator Larry
OSMANRichard -, co-creator and co-presenter of BBC TV quiz show Pointless (5)
TOOKBarry ___, co-creator and co-writer of BBC Radio comedy show Round the Horne (4)
TYPOOffice boo-boo
ALICIAKeys with the #1 hits "My Boo" and "Fallin'"
TEARBoo-hooing bit
BETAKENUNAWARESBoo? Sounds like queen wasn't expecting that! (2,5,8)
OBOISTBoo suspect winner from the pits (6)
ILLY"Beauty is jealous, and ___ bears..." (T. Jefferson)
ORONO"Black Bears" home
JACKWith 41-Across, co-creator of Captain America and the Hulk
HULLABALOODestroy all hula? Boo! That would cause a commotion (10)
BADUMPTarget of some spectator boos
MELODRAMAPlenty of cheers and boos in this play about a male dorm
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