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Crossword Answers: Boo-Boo-Bear's-co-creator
HANNABoo Boo Bear's co-creator
ONO"Revolution 9" co-creator Yoko
TREY"South Park" co-creator Parker
TREYPARKER"South Park" co-creator whose student film was "Cannibal! The Musical"
DIK'Hi and Lois' co-creator Browne
LARRYDAVID'Seinfeld' co-creator
BONO(PRODUCT) RED co-creator
JONESBugs Bunny co-creator Chuck
GOFFCo-creator of "Charlie's Angels"
ILLY"Beauty is jealous, and ___ bears..." (T. Jefferson)
ORONO"Black Bears" home
FIGHTCUB"Karate Kid" remake with bears?
OHMY"Lions and tigers and bears" follower
HALAS"Papa Bear" George of the Chicago Bears
ONEAL"The Bad News Bears" star
NEWS"The Bad ___ Bears" (1976)
FEY"30 Rock" creator
TINAFEY"30 Rock" creator
MANET"Absinthe Drinker" creator
LEAR"All in the Family" creator
GORE"An Inconvenient Truth" creator
ONEILL"Anna Christie" creator
HART"B.C." creator

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