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Crossword Answers: Bobtail-mouse
VOLEBobtail mouse
COMMONRUCKRagtag and bobtail
EVERYMANRagtag and bobtail
RABBLERagtag and bobtail
RANKANDFILERagtag and bobtail
CANAILLERagtag and bobtail
TOMDICKANDHARRYRagtag and bobtail
RIFFRAFFRagtag and bobtail
ORA"... ___ mouse?"
EEK"A mouse!"
MANOR"Are you a ___ a mouse?"
TOPO"Ed Sullivan Show" mouse ___ Gigio
NONSTANDARDHANDBig bobtail, big cat, or skip straight, e.g.*
EVENA"... not ___ mouse"
ORARE"Are you dead ___ you sleepin'?" (Modest Mouse line)
GOOFYMickey Mouse's doggy friend (5)
MOUSSEWhipped dish for beaten mouses? (6)
SQUEAKMouse's sound
MICKEYMinnie Mouse's pal
WALTDISNEYMickey Mouse's alter ego
OILCANHARRY*Mighty Mouse's archenemy
COURAGEOUSCATMinute Mouse's toon partner
FIFIMinnie Mouse's dog
DUMBOTimothy Q. Mouse's friend
SQUEAKYIs Mickey Mouse's image so? (7-5)
MISCLICKMouse's leader is a sort of beetle - that's its problem (8)
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