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Crossword Answers: Bobtail-mouse
VOLEBobtail mouse
EVERYMANRagtag and bobtail
TOMDICKANDHARRYRagtag and bobtail
RABBLERagtag and bobtail
RANKANDFILERagtag and bobtail
RIFFRAFFRagtag and bobtail
CANAILLERagtag and bobtail
COMMONRUCKRagtag and bobtail
NONSTANDARDHANDBig bobtail, big cat, or skip straight, e.g.*
ORA"... ___ mouse?"
EVENA"... not ___ mouse"
EEK"A mouse!"
MANOR"Are you a ___ a mouse?"
ORARE"Are you dead ___ you sleepin'?" (Modest Mouse line)
TOPO"Ed Sullivan Show" mouse ___ Gigio
ICOME"Here ___ to save the day!" (Mighty Mouse)
LAURA"If You Take a Mouse to the Movies" author Numeroff
STUART"Little" film mouse
NATHANLANE"Mouse Hunt" actor
WILLIE"Steamboat ___" (first Mickey Mouse cartoon)

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