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Crossword Answers: Bit-of-glitter
SPANGLEBit of glitter
GREENGAGEOdd bits of garden attract fruit
IQPOINTSMeasurable bits of brainpower
HOLDKeep having bits of holidays
DENYDisown bits of Golden Years
SLABSThick bits of small rooms (5)
HAIRSBits of fur (5)
STOCKINGFILLERSIs suspended before Christmas for taking little bits of paper and hiding seasonal trinkets (8,7)
HANGNAILSAnnoying bits of torn skin near the fingertips
TENORHe sings a number of bits of opera
RABBITSWhen gang leader departs, grab bits of cottontails (7)
GROUSEDoes it taste like bits of minced sturgeon?
CHEERIOSee you dispose of last two bits of Stilton, say, with port (7)
SCAMRip off bits of clothing aggressively during kinky sex
FALLSForces everyone to tuck into odd bits of fish
SMITHEREENSBits of NHS see merit in reorganisation (11)
MAGDALENISLANDSBits of Quebec near Cape Breton (2 wds.)
ADORNAdd glitter to
GARISHNESSThere's glitter as she rings off (10)
YOURS"Always ___" (Gary Glitter song)
NEONLas Vegas glitter
GLAMPomp and glitter, informally
FLASHSTIt crosses Glitter Ave.
LUSTREGloucester glitter
DRABNESSNot glitter
DULLNESSNot glitter

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