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Crossword Answers: Bit-of-glitter
SPANGLEBit of glitter
INFOShort bits of data
SLIVERSBits of organ loaded on board (7)
TEARINGRipping bits of granite
PARTSSome bits of a twisted strap
ENDSLoose ___; bits of unfinished business
OREGANODuck with bits of orange and spice
DEEDSBits of bravery
GOODNESSMEMake bits of demons' egos? Oh, that sounds alarming! (8,2)
KISMET1953 musical which turned bits of Borodin's Polovtsian Dances into show tunes still being recorded t
CONFETTIBits of paper scattered at festive occasions (8)
UPSIDEDOWNCheerful team losing odd bits of cracknel pudding? (6-4,4)
DEBASEMENTBits of dust everywhere below stairs - it's a disgrace (10)
WALLBerlin demolished its, China has a great one and there are bits of Hadrian's across the north of Eng
KEEPINGStoring bits of pine in a small cask
OSLOScandinavian city has odd bits of salmon (4)
TELLFIBSProduce bits of fiction in form from made-up stories (4,4)
NEONLas Vegas glitter
GLAMPomp and glitter, informally
FLASHSTIt crosses Glitter Ave.
LUSTREGloucester glitter
DRABNESSNot glitter
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