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Crossword Answers: Bit-of-glitter
SPANGLEBit of glitter
TESSERAEBits of mosaic
IONSBits of physics
SLEIGHTSBits of trickery
BRIEBerliner's odd bits of cheese
GLEANGather bits of information
NOODLESBits of food? Knight has lots (7)
BASINOdd bits of brass in bowl
WISPYThin, like bits of smoke
MANTLECovering of long hair hiding end bits of tail (6)
EVANESCEBlades slicing bits of peaches regularly disappear (8)
NICERSome bits of Venice really could be more pleasant (5)
TACHEBits of hair? What furry thing put about (5)
PIMENTOI'm in enclosure with last bits of hot jalapeno pepper
PRESBYTERMinister from cabinet almost right about several bits of information
PLOTSPhosphorus is put on many bits of land
PIECESBits of mixed spice round the East (6)
YOURS"Always ___" (Gary Glitter song)
NEONLas Vegas glitter
GLAMPomp and glitter, informally
FLASHSTIt crosses Glitter Ave.
LUSTREGloucester glitter
DRABNESSNot glitter
DULLNESSNot glitter
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