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Crossword Answers: Bit-of-glitter
SPANGLEBit of glitter
SAMPLERBits of food taster
SPLICEDInterwove bits of wasp, lice, dragonfly (7)
GENESBits of heredity
HANDPUPPETOdd bits of hope and elevated love: one's readily manipulated for show
OAKUMBits of old rope for use on ship? Nonsense, we "ear (5)
SCABWhat you might pick as odd bits of social behaviour initially
OVERACTHam's old and green - there are even bits of sauce in it
YASHMAKBits of grey ash make a Muslim veil (7)
VELCROSticky fastener made from bits of shovel and crowbar (6)
UPLANDOdd bits of Urdu on edges of map identifying hills (6)
KAISERCHIEFSRock band's amp is covered in bits of cloth (6,6)
UNEASYNervous and unsteady, sadly losing odd bits of data (6)
TIPSYUseful bits of advice given to unknown drunk (5)
SAWDUSTPowdery bits of wood from using a saw (7)
FANCYGOODSCan nasty bits of yellow glass get into comestibles and knick-knacks? (5,5)
GEMStone gleams -- just the odd bits of it (3)
ADORNAdd glitter to
GARISHNESSThere's glitter as she rings off (10)
YOURS"Always ___" (Gary Glitter song)
NEONLas Vegas glitter
GLAMPomp and glitter, informally
FLASHSTIt crosses Glitter Ave.
LUSTREGloucester glitter
DRABNESSNot glitter
DULLNESSNot glitter
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