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Crossword Answers: Bit-of-glitter
SPANGLEBit of glitter
FILDEROLSBits of nonsense
FOLDEROLSBits of nonsense
DRILSSThe boring bits of exercises (6)
BREECHESBags bits of barrels (8)
TWENTIETHSBits of time wasted with teens (10)
ILIABits of hips visible in Brazilians (4)
RUBBLEBits of demolished building (6)
SETSCREWSBits of machine put on ship with sailors aboard (3,6)
PREJUDICEScattered bits of deja vu in 25 exhibited by 6 7 (9)
CLOVIS'e left bits of garlic for one who conquered Paris (6)
WEATHERMANWe shall get a bit of heat and even bits of rain, according to him (10)
DECAMPMake off with bits of deck and amplifier (6)
IMBROGLIOCompiler's 20 involving bits of log in farcical situation (9)
BEDFASTAnimal swallowing bits of dog food, unable to get up (7)
DOORSTEPSGoes from house to house soliciting for bits of bread (9)
SCREECHYLike an owl finding loose bits of rock at centre of churchyards (8)
GARISHNESSThere's glitter as she rings off (10)
YOURS"Always ___" (Gary Glitter song)
NEONLas Vegas glitter
GLAMPomp and glitter, informally
FLASHSTIt crosses Glitter Ave.
LUSTREGloucester glitter
DRABNESSNot glitter
DULLNESSNot glitter

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