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Crossword Answers: Bishop-who-supported-Richard-II,-in-Shakespeare
CARLISLEBishop who supported Richard II, in Shakespeare
FERRETHunter, a bishop who breaks plates in two (6)
LOUISXIVKing who supported Moliere
ATLASTitan who supported the heavens on his shoulders
GALILEOItalian astronomer who supported the Copernican System
SEARLEBerkeley philosophy prof who supported the Free Speech Movement
DOUGHFACEAny Northerner who supported the South in the Civil War
DEMIPARADISE"This other Eden, ___" (Richard II) (4-8)
ACTVWhen Hamlet, Macbeth, Richard II, Richard III, and Romeo die
JOANMother of Richard II
ROSSLord in Shakespeare's "Richard II"
ROSSESCharacters in "Macbeth" and "Richard II"
READA"To -- lecture of them?": "Richard II"
TRUEBORN"Though banish'd, yet a ___ Englishman": "Richard II"
AVOLUME"He should have had ___ of farewells" (Richard II)
ISLE"...this sceptred ___": "Richard II"
BARRIEPlaywright's half 2 in cheese (6)
RASPBERRYRude rebuff from 2 in the garden (9)
NAHUATLThe language of Lithuania (minus 2) in translation (7)
GROUNDHOGDAYFebruary 2 in the US (when things repeat themselves?) (9,3)
DEUCE40-40 in tennis - 2 in cards (5)
MARROWHarm comes with 24 2 in essence (6)
CORTINAIrish county's detailed model of 13 part 2 in centre of Ballinascarty (7)
OUTKASTHip-hop duo whose songs "Hey Ya!" and "The Way You Move" were simultaneously #1 and #2 in 2003
LOGItem supported by andirons
SOMEA few therefore to be supported by myself (4)
ADDISONTo say more is supported by this essayist (7)
STARRYEYEDIdealistic, wanting to be supported without w-whiskey (6-4)
CASTIRONSupported by press, actors are impregnable (4-4)
NORMANDYRaymond foolishly supported knight in France (8)

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