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Crossword Answers: Bishop-who-supported-Richard-II,-in-Shakespeare
CARLISLEBishop who supported Richard II, in Shakespeare
DOUGHFACEAny Northerner who supported the South in the Civil War
SEARLEBerkeley philosophy prof who supported the Free Speech Movement
GALILEOItalian astronomer who supported the Copernican System
ATLASTitan who supported the heavens on his shoulders
MUMMYAmenhotep II, in the 19th century
OTOOLEHe played Henry II in "Becket"
NEHRUHe spent most of World War II in jail
SEQUELIt may have "II" in its title
ISLE"...this sceptred ___": "Richard II"
AVOLUME"He should have had ___ of farewells" (Richard II)
TRUEBORN"Though banish'd, yet a ___ Englishman": "Richard II"
READA"To -- lecture of them?": "Richard II"
PIES"Chatt'ring" birds in Shakespeare
IAGO"Some busy and insinuating rogue," in Shakespeare
EXEUNT"They go offstage," in Shakespeare plays
ROMEO'But, soft!' speaker, in Shakespeare
HORATIOA "man that is not passion's slave," in Shakespeare
RESTBe supported
CARRYBe supported
LIEBe supported
COMMONSENSE1776 Thomas Paine pamphlet that supported the idea of an American Revolution: 2 wds.
OOH"---, My Soul!" (Little Richard song and favorite saying)
NOR"... ___ iron bars a cage": Richard Lovelace
GERE"A Chorus Line" star Richard
LESTER"A Hard Day's Night" director Richard

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