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Crossword Answers: Bishop-who-supported-Richard-II,-in-Shakespeare
CARLISLEBishop who supported Richard II, in Shakespeare
LOUISXIVKing who supported Moliere
ATLASTitan who supported the heavens on his shoulders
GALILEOItalian astronomer who supported the Copernican System
SEARLEBerkeley philosophy prof who supported the Free Speech Movement
DOUGHFACEAny Northerner who supported the South in the Civil War
SEQSMovies with "II" in their titles: Abbr.
SEQUELSMovies with "II" in their titles, e.g.
ACTVWhen Hamlet, Macbeth, Richard II, Richard III, and Romeo die
JOANMother of Richard II
ROSSLord in Shakespeare's "Richard II"
SEQUELIt may have "II" in its title
NEHRUHe spent most of World War II in jail
OTOOLEHe played Henry II in "Becket"
DUMAElective legislative assembly established in Russia by Nicholas II in 1905 (4)
DANEMANPaul ___, actor whose roles included Czar Nicholas II in 1969 film musical Oh! What A Lovely War (7)
PUSSSpanish feline assassin in the animation Shrek 2, ... In Boots
CASH2 in the 22 of shop one can't get repaired (9)
LEGALPERT"2 in 1" shampoo and conditioner with FDA approval?
LATEGoing on 2 in the morning
LASORDAThe Dodgers retired his #2 in 1997
BATMANServant uses 2 in the 22 in common location, withdrawing large amount (6)
TOMSNOUT22 must not get rebuilt with a 2 in it (3,5)
CRENELLATIONPretty, witty mistress, famously involved in making a 2 in the 22? (12)
ADAMANTOriginal gardener is supported by worker in firm
GIGOLOMan supported by an older woman to be her lover (6)
ORPHANAGEBy definition, it can"t be supported by a Parents" Association (9)
UNTIESeparate union supported by 1 in 10, maybe? (5)
PIETASculpture or painting of the Dead Christ supported on His Mother"s lap (5)
NOPUNINTENDEDNew, popular and supported by backing, took care of disclaimer for double entendre (2,3,8)
GROSSLYTwelve dozen are supported by heartless lady in a rude manner (7)

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