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Crossword Answers: Bid-to-take-no-tricks,-at-cards
NULLOBid to take no tricks, at cards
NILTake-no-tricks bid, in spades
INSISTRefuse to take "no" for an answer
EARNESTNearest playing tricks at grave (7)
CALLTOARMSBid to combat
LOTTOSubject of a bid to draw (5)
MORIJapanese prime minister, who survived a bid to oust him
AHERNHe and Blair made another bid to revive the peace process
SHARPERCheat at cards
PEEKCheat at cards
TRICKERYKnavishness at cards? (8)
TRICKCheat won at cards
TRUMPSModel backs successful plays at cards? (6)
TRICKSTEROne who wins at cards by cheating? (9)
PALMAROUNDCheat at cards?
FOLDQuit at cards
RENEGENo-no at cards
SHAME"...and thou begin with ___ to take the lowest room" (Luke
ARMS"Or to take ___ against a sea of troubles...": Hamlet
MIXEDMETAPHOR"To take arms against a sea of troubles."
TRUSTMEONTHIS"You'll have to take my word for it"
THEYRE"___ Coming to Take Me Away, Ha, Haaa!"
WOULD"___ You Like to Take a Walk?"
FOOLPROOFCan't go wrong with this trick at Confirmation (9)
SITSTIGHTTakes no action
SITSBYTakes no action
IGNORESTakes no notice of (7)
PLAYSITSAFETakes no chances
SIMMERBe furious at card send to me at end of war (6)
QUEENOFDIAMONDSRuler of so-called girl's best friend seen at card table (5,2,8)
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