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Crossword Answers: Bid-to-take-no-tricks,-at-cards
NULLOBid to take no tricks, at cards
MISERENiggard bearing undertaking to take no tricks
NILTake-no-tricks bid, in spades
ADAMANTUnlikely to take no for an answer
UNNOBLEVulgar - unable to take 'no' for an answer (7)
INSISTRefuse to take "no" for an answer
EARNESTNearest playing tricks at grave (7)
DICTATEBid to act as a tyrant (7)
TENDERFOOTRookie in bid to join infantry (10)
OFFENDERThe wrongdoer makes a final bid to get outside (8)
TANNERYBid to admit woman to skin treatment centre (7)
OBITERDICTUM"Time bid to go with court action" (legal expression) (6,6)
ISOLATESecond bid to seal off quarantine (7)
THREEHEARTSBid to establish more than two centres (5,6)
CONTRACTFinal bid to secure an agreement?
ACIDBROWNA paint manufacturer accepts bid to mix dye (4,5)
VINTGather to make wine bid to undercut seven clubs? (4)
LOTTOSubject of a bid to draw (5)
MORIJapanese prime minister, who survived a bid to oust him
DUNLOPJoey ___, world champion motorcyclist from Northern Ireland who had three hat-tricks at the Isle of
AUCTIONEEROne takes bids to wreck EU creation (10)
ACTPerform a confidence trick at first (3)
FOOLPROOFCan't go wrong with this trick at Confirmation (9)
SOMBREROSpades at card game or reversed hat (8)
CASINOOne takes no end of cash in, finishing with nothing (6)
SIMMERBe furious at card send to me at end of war (6)
QUEENOFDIAMONDSRuler of so-called girl's best friend seen at card table (5,2,8)

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