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Crossword Answers: Beret-wearing-rebel
CHEBeret-wearing rebel
TANArmy Rangers beret color
SPECOPSGreen Beret missions, in military jargon
ANNWorker with a beret, maybe
TAMOSHANTERScottish beret (3-1'7)
TAMSBeret cousins
OLDCHAPEAUWorn-out beret?
DOFFRemove, as a beret
UNHATRemove a beret
CHATEAUINNICEPlace to hang your beret
WOOLENLike a beret, usually
ELITELike Green Beret units
ARTYHaving a goatee and beret, say
SOLDIERGreen beret
DOUBLEBREASTEDA jacket like this needs new blue beret, as odd (6-8)
RETINABeret in Algeciras protects light-sensitive tissue (6)
THEOUTDOORWhat "she walked in through," in Prince's "Raspberry Beret"
ARMYGreen Berets' branch
EREBeret's center?
BRIMBeret's lack
SOOJack of "The Green Berets," 1968
NAVYSEALGreen Beret's counterpart
MOORE"The Green Berets" author
ICECAPSFirst three characters from 10 across found with berets belonging to the Poles (3,4)
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