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Crossword Answers: Beret-wearing-rebel
CHEBeret-wearing rebel
PAINTERSPATESpot for a beret?
BESTFRIENDFinds beret inappropriate for closest ally (4,6)
COMMANDORADIUMElement used by a Green Beret?
RETHINKConsider again what beret Hinkler holds (7)
HATREDGreat loathing for beret (scarlet) (6)
ROOTBEERJumper with jazzy beret? Sparkling stuff (4,4)
COMMANDOGreen Beret (8)
FELTSensed - beret material (4)
PRINCECHARMINGEnchantment of the singer of "Raspberry Beret"?
TANArmy Rangers beret color
CONTROLLINGPARTNER"Honey, you're wearing THAT?"
ACTIS"Your ___ wearing thin"
YOMPThirty-mile trek across the Scottish Highlands in full kit as the final test in a Royal Marinea's tr
SINGLEBREASTEDSad beret worn after one type of jacket (6-8)
REBATEMoney given back for a beret needing repair (6)
ETTUWords of a man said to be ambitious with a funny beret and tutu (2,2,5)
PERCAPITAHeartless Shakespeare heroine keeping beret for a head (3,6)
UNCAPRemove one's headgear -- a United Nations beret? (5)
ALANSHEPARD"Because of the suit I was wearing, I couldn't get a good pivot on the swing."
AVENUEQ"I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today" show
ABRAHAMLINCOLN"If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?"
OTTO"The Simpsons" character always shown wearing a walkman
ELSES"Wearing Someone ___ Clothes" (2005 Jason Robert Brown album)
SARICHARLIE"What will you be wearing in Poona, Oona?"
UNDRESSStrip blue berets, for example (7)
RESPECTABLEProper to place berets askew (11)
ARMYGreen Berets' branch
EREBeret's center?
BRIMBeret's lack
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