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Crossword Answers: Beret-wearing-rebel
CHEBeret-wearing rebel
HATBeanie or beret
CAPBeanie or beret
FIRSTBLOOD1982 movie about a former Green Beret
TETEA beret covers it
HATSBeaver and beret
TETESBeret bearers
TAMBeret kin
MINEO"Rebel Without A Cause" actor
JAMESDEAN"Rebel Without A Cause" actor
SALMINEO"Rebel Without A Cause" actor
WOOD"Rebel Without a Cause" star
ARMY"God's ___ " (Burmese rebel group)
DUANE"Rebel Rouser" guitarist Eddy
ACAUSE"Rebel Without ___"
SAL"Rebel Without a Cause" actor Mineo
NATALIEWOOD"Rebel Without a Cause" actress
DRAGRACE"Rebel Without a Cause" event
ALANSHEPARD"Because of the suit I was wearing, I couldn't get a good pivot on the swing."
CONTROLLINGPARTNER"Honey, you're wearing THAT?"
AVENUEQ"I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today" show
ABRAHAMLINCOLN"If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?"
OTTO"The Simpsons" character always shown wearing a walkman
ELSES"Wearing Someone ___ Clothes" (2005 Jason Robert Brown album)
SARICHARLIE"What will you be wearing in Poona, Oona?"
ACTIS"Your ___ wearing thin"
LAMPSHADEA drunk might be wearing this
GARSONActress wearing a "sarong"?
OTTOMANHATTANGOBallroom dance performed wearing a fez?
OFFONATANGENTBeachgoer wearing bug spray?
OSGOODBowtie-wearing CBS newsman
PALACEGUARDBusby-wearing sentry

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