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Crossword Answers: Beat-swords-into-plowshares
UNARMBeat swords into plowshares
UNARMSBeats swords into plowshares
ISAIAH"Swords into plowshares" book
INTO"... swords ___ plowshares"
ARMINGTurning plowshares into swords?
REARMSBeats plowshares into swords
STEELThis metal product of Toledo in Spain is used to make its famous swords
SCIMITARSBroad swords
DOUBLEEDGEDLike some swords ... or a hint to this puzzle's theme
HAFTSHandles, as for swords
SHEATHINGPutting (sword) back in scabbard
WIELDBrandish, as a sword
THYManowar 'The Power of ___ Sword"
KATANASamurai sword

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