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Crossword Answers: Beat-swords-into-plowshares
UNARMBeat swords into plowshares
UNARMSBeats swords into plowshares
ISAIAH"Swords into plowshares" book
PEACEDIVIDENDPrize as result of turning swords into shares? (5,8)
SHEATHEPut a sword into a scabbard
INTO"... swords ___ plowshares"
ARMINGTurning plowshares into swords?
REARMSBeats plowshares into swords
FENCESFights with swords (6)
ECGSThey record beats per min.
ATWO"... sharp as ___ edged sword"
OFAThree ___ kind (poker hand that beats a pair): 2 wds.
METRONOMEDevice with an inverted pendulum that beats out the exact tempo (9)

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