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Crossword Answers: Be-a-segue-for
LEADINTOBe a segue for
LEDINTOProvided a segue for
LEADINStart of a segue
BRINGOUTReveal there's been a fight outside the ring
ELDERHas this tree never been a sapling? (5)
MCREYNOLDSJesse ___, Grammy award-winning American bluegrass mandolin player who has been a member of the Gran
ELIASPatrik ___ has been a Devil for two decades
MADEANOTEHad been a forger, one didn't let oneself forget
PENCILOriginally, Patsy Cline could have been a writer (6)
POSEDPassed oneself off as having been a model? (5)
HADJIOne who has been a pilgrim to Mecca (5)
ASTOCommunique segue
THENSegue starter
BUTNOSegue to a surprise story ending
ERGOSegue to a conclusion
HENCESyllogistic segue

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