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Crossword Answers: Be-a-segue-for
LEADINTOBe a segue for
LEDINTOProvided a segue for
LEADINStart of a segue
MCCLOUD"... and the next second there won't be a ___ in the sky"
PYRE"... our love will be a funeral ___": Doors
CASHCOW"... this project will be a ___!"
ORA" a wise man ___ fool?" (Ecc. 2:19)
CHRISTIAN"Almost thou persuadest me to be a ___" (Acts 26:28)
POET"Always be a ___, even in prose": Baudelaire
THECOLLECTOR"And at 7 P.M. there'll be a showing of the 60's film ___..."
LADY"And thou saidst, I shall be a ___ for ever" (Isa. 47:7)
PAL"Be a ___!"
GIVEITSOMETIME"Be a little more patient"
METS"How 'bout them ___?" (classic conversation segue)
IFSOAssumption-to-conclusion segue
OVERCBer's segue
DDDASIWASSAYINGDigresser's segue
WIPEFilm segue, perhaps

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