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Crossword Answers: Banish-from-one's-country
EXILEBanish from one's country
EXPELBanish from school
OUSTBanish from power
EVICTBanish from a flat
TRAITOROUSDisloyal to one's country
EMIGRATELeave one's country to live elsewhere (8)
REPATRIATESend back to one's country (10)
PATRIOTSupporter of one's country
TREASONDisloyalty to one's country
PATRIAPro ___ (for one's country)
PATRIOTICDevoted to one's country
REDEFECTDesert one's country again
DISCARDSDrops from one's hand (8)
ONALEADUnable to stray far from one's master, perhaps
EMIGREOne forced to leave one's country for political reasons (6)
DIPLOMACY___, n. The patriotic art of lying for one's country.
OSTRACISEBanish, blackball (9)
ADOPTNot banish
STAYNot banish
INCLUDENot banish
ENTRENCHNot banish
HOSTNot banish
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