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Crossword Answers: Banish-from-one's-country
EXILEBanish from one's country
DISPELBanish (from the mind) (6)
OSTRACISEBanish from group
EXPELBanish from school
OUSTBanish from power
EVICTBanish from a flat
MIGRATESLeaves one's country and settles in another (7)
PATRIOTISMDevotion to one's country
CAPPEDHaving shown surpassing skill, picked for one's country
TREASONABLEDisloyal to one's country (11)
LOYALTrue to one's country etc (5)
TRAITOREnemy to one's country
STAYCATIONHoliday spent in one's country (10)
DEPORTSend back to one's country
UNPATRIOTICNot loyal to one's country
RECAPPick to play for one's country again in brief repeat
SHOVEPush to partly banish overtime
DEGASPainter to banish boastful talk? (5)
ASHBINBanish rubbish here (3,3)
TONICNote that is designed to banish ill-feeling
SILVER"A heart full of joy and gladness; Will always banish sadness and strife; So always look for the ...
STRIFE"A heart full of joy and gladness; Will always banish sadness and ...; So always look for the silver
COLLECTNot banish

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