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Crossword Answers: Backer-of-the-Bulldogs
YALIEBacker of the Bulldogs
TITOBacker of the young Michael Jackson
UGAThe Bulldogs' sch.
YALEThe Bulldogs of the Ivy League
CHEBacker of Fidel
EATALLCOSTSWhat the backer of a failing business may do?
THEBULLMSEPARTYBacker of Teddy's 1912 campaign
ISABELLABacker of Columbus
PROA backer of
SECOrg. for Bulldogs, Gators and Tigers
TENACIOUSLike bulldogs
NCAABulldogs play in it: Abbr.
YALEUBulldog's place, in brief
YALEBOWLHome of the Ivy League's Bulldogs
ROLLINGGAITTrait of bulldogs
JOWLSProminent parts of bulldogs
PIPSKnight's backers
IKETTESTurner backers
BIGBANDSSinatra backers, sometimes

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