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Crossword Answers: Backer-of-the-Bulldogs
YALIEBacker of the Bulldogs
YALEIvy League home of the Bulldogs
SUPPORTERBacker of the right in corrupt purpose (9)
TITOBacker of the young Michael Jackson
YALIESFans of the bulldog Handsome Dan
DRYSBackers of the 18th Amendment.
UGAThe Bulldogs' sch.
ANGELA financial backer of a theatrical production (5)
CHEBacker of Fidel
THEBULLMSEPARTYBacker of Teddy's 1912 campaign
ISABELLABacker of Columbus
PROA backer of
EUROPHILEBacker of multiple countries and mixed rule, I hope (9)
EATALLCOSTSWhat the backer of a failing business may do?
ELISTheir mascot is Handsome Dan the Bulldog
BAKERS100 Romans abandon backers of pastry cooks (6)
MAINCHANCENo doubt backers of cockfighting had an eye to it (4,6)
FOXHOUNDSFine bulldogs and hunters (9)
SAGWhat bulldogs' jowls do
AHLHamilton Bulldogs org.
SECOrg. for Bulldogs, Gators and Tigers
TENACIOUSLike bulldogs
NCAABulldogs play in it: Abbr.
YALEUBulldog's place, in brief

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