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Crossword Answers: Author-Jorge-Luis-___
BORGESAuthor Jorge Luis ___
ARGHome of Jorge Luis Borges: Abbr.
AMADOAuthor Jorge
LUISAuthor Jorge ___ Borges
OBISPOSan Luis ___
BUNUELLuis ___, Spanish film director
REY"The Bridge of San Luis ___"
FIRPOLuis ___, Argentine boxer defeated by Jack Dempsey in a 1923 World Heavyweight title fight (5)
SISISABATHIAJorge Posada's agreement with his star pitcher?
MANOHand, to Jorge
ESOSThose, to Jorge
OLE"Hip, hip, Jorge!"?
SAO___ Jorge (Azores island)
POSADAYankee Jorge
TIOUncle Jorge, e.g.
ARCEJorge ___, WBO Bantamweight champion from 2011-12 (4)
HIVEHot author's place of industry (4)
IMPLYINGsuggesting authors untruthful about first of pieces (8)
FSK"Anthem" writer's monogram
GBS"Candida" writer's monogram
PCWRENThe Foreign Legion adventure film, Beau Geste,was based on this author's novel (1,1,4)
OMARTHETENTMAKER"A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread..." writer's name, translated
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