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Crossword Answers: Author-Jorge-Luis-___
BORGESAuthor Jorge Luis ___
ARGHome of Jorge Luis Borges: Abbr.
LUISAuthor Jorge ___ Borges
AMADOAuthor Jorge
REYSan Luis ___
OBISPOSan Luis ___
BUNUELLuis ___, Spanish film director
HOLA"Hi," to Jorge
ISAACS"Maria" novelist Jorge
SISI"Of course, Jorge!"
ORTABallplayer Jorge
BRASILIACapital of Jorge Amado's homeland
ADIOS"Laters, Luis"
MIRA"Look!" to Luis
SAN"The Bridge of ___ Luis Rey"
TIANT'70s Red Sox pitcher Luis
CLERC'80s tennis star Jose-Luis
SAO-- Luis, Brazil

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