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Crossword Answers: Asset-for-a-mimic
KEENEARAsset for a mimic
CHICKENLITTLESobriquet for a mimic suffering stage fright?
NOSEAsset for a basset
AIRTIGHTALIBIAsset for a defendant
NAVYUnlikely asset for a landlocked nation
TACTAsset for a diplomat
ANIMPRESSIONISTA mimic like Monet? (2,13)
RANGEAsset for an actor
DICTIONAsset for an actor
TRAINEDEYEAsset for an umpire or editor
ESPPsychic's asset, for short
KINGSIZEBEDROOMBig asset for an apartment?
STAMINAAsset for the long haul
IDEAAsset for an entrepreneur
TLCAsset for RNs
CASSETTETape is first class asset for the Maori (8)
PAPERQuietly mimic republican daily (5)
ACTTWOMimic to report after the intermission perhaps (3,3)
ROARMimic a tiger
MOCKTRIALSMimic miseries?
CAWAm out to make macaw mimic a crow (3)
ANABOLICSTEROID___ compounds are synthesized to mimic the effects of a) adrenaline; b) testosterone; c) serotonin;
EMULATORBird approaches hill behind American city with mimic (8)
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