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Crossword Answers: Asset-for-a-mimic
KEENEARAsset for a mimic
CHICKENLITTLESobriquet for a mimic suffering stage fright?
TACTAsset for a diplomat
NAVYUnlikely asset for a landlocked nation
AIRTIGHTALIBIAsset for a defendant
NOSEAsset for a basset
RANGEAsset for an actor
DICTIONAsset for an actor
PERFECTTIMINGAsset for Jack Benny
TLCAsset for RNs
IDEAAsset for an entrepreneur
STAMINAAsset for the long haul
KINGSIZEBEDROOMBig asset for an apartment?
MYNAAvian mimic
PARAKEETAvian mimic
PARROTCaged mimic
MIRA"Mimic" actress Sorvino
MYNAHSBirds that can mimic human speech
RICHLITTLECanadian mimic/comedian
RETRODesigned to mimic the past
FUNDMEMORIES1990's soaring asset values?
CALCULATINGMINDAccountant's asset
WITAd-libber's asset
VIEWAerie asset
PEPAerobics instructor's asset
ARMAikman's asset
SCENTAir-freshener asset
LAMPAladdin's asset
SATESAn anagram for asset

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