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Crossword Answers: Arena-for-MacArthur
KOREAArena for MacArthur
ETO40's arena, for short
NAM60's arena, for short
ARCOArena for Kings and Monarchs
RINKArena for Lemieux
SKATINGRINKArena for Sarah Hughes
BLACKMARKET*Arena for illegal trading
HIPPODROMEArena for horse shows
HOMEICEJoe Louis Arena, for the Red Wings
BEI"... ___ ever so tired..." (Douglas MacArthur quote)
WEBB"MacArthur Park" composer
OHNO'MacArthur Park' end
LITTLEROCKBirthplace of General Douglas MacArthur
NORFOLKVIRGINIACity where Gen. Douglas MacArthur is buried
FIVESTARGENERALDouglas MacArthur, e.g.
DOUGGen. MacArthur, to friends
LEYTEIsland where MacArthur fulfilled his promise to return
INCHONKorean port where MacArthur landed
ISLIPLong Island site of Macarthur Airport
THEATERActor's arena
SUNSAmerica West Arena team
MIAMIHEATAmerican Airlines Arena players
MIAMIAmericanAirlines Arena site
MAGICAmway Arena team

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