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Crossword Answers: Arena-for-MacArthur
KOREAArena for MacArthur
HOMEICEJoe Louis Arena, for the Red Wings
HIPPODROMEArena for horse shows
BLACKMARKET*Arena for illegal trading
SKATINGRINKArena for Sarah Hughes
RINKArena for Lemieux
ARCOArena for Kings and Monarchs
NAM60's arena, for short
ETO40's arena, for short
STADIUMArena for watching sport and music events such as New York's Yankee or football's Wembley
DOUGLASGeneral ___ MacArthur
WOMENSARMYCORPSWhom MacArthur called "my best soldiers"
SHALL"I __ return": MacArthur
WACS"My best soldiers": MacArthur
HECHTCharles MacArthur collaborator
GENERALSTOREWhere MacArthur shops?
BATAANWhere Douglas MacArthur returned, famously
ISHALLStart of a MacArthur quote
PIPEMacArthur trademark
RETURNMacArthur quote ender
GENMacArthur or Powell, e.g.
ARKANSASMacArthur hailed from here
GRANTEEMacArthur Fellow, e.g.
ISLIPLong Island site of Macarthur Airport
DSCMedal awarded to MacArthur in W.W. I and W.W. II
DOTHEBRIGHTTHINGFilm about how to win a MacArthur Fellowship?
SEATSAccommodates, as arenas
TIEREDLike many arenas
UVAJohn Paul Jones Arena's sch.
PUNTA___ Arenas (Chile's southernmost city)
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