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Crossword Answers: Architect-Toyo
ITOArchitect Toyo
NEWT"Contract with America" architect Gingrich
IMPEI"Pyramide du Louvre" architect
ROARK"The Fountainhead" architect
SOLERI'Archology' architect
DELORME16th-century architect, Tuileries builder
LINAlabama's Civil Rights Memorial architect
PAXTON19th century English architect Sir Joseph ___
IMHOTEP3rd-Dynasty architect of Egypt's Step Pyramid
CHARACTERISTICSArchitect's car is damaging properties (15)
ELEVATIONSArchitects' work bringing peerages? (10)
PALLADIOArchitect's friend, child to 10 (8)
NASHArchitect's unopened grate (4)
SETSQUAREFixes remarkable Irish architect's tool
ELEVATIONArchitect's plan for advancement (9)
SPIREPoint made by architects
TERRACELandscape architect's creation
STARCHStiffener used by most architects
SPECArchitect's detail, for short
CUPOLASIZESpec on an architect's blueprint?
GEHRYOne of the "Dancing House" architects
FATEAcrossWhat "All are architects of," per Longfellow
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