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Crossword Answers: Architect-Toyo
ITOArchitect Toyo
ROSSIItalian architect Aldo
BARTENDERManhattan architect?
RAPHAELItalian painter and architect
ASHNameless architect remains (3)
ARTDECOTerm attributed to architect Le Corbusier
SAARINENGateway Arch architect
SPIDERWeb-site architect
JULIAMORGANHearst Castle architect
THOMArchitect Bing
PAOLOPainter Veronese or architect Soleri
PEISArchitect I.M. and family
INDIGOArchitect Jones pocketing penny for product of woad (6)
WRENCHTool found by architect in front of church
VERSAILLESLandscape architect Andre Le Notre laid out the spectacular grounds of this palace in which France's
MACKINTOSHCharles Rennie ___, Scottish architect, designer and artist who died in 1928 (10)
ANDREWJACKSON___ Downing, landscape architect who designed the White House grounds
CHANGE"He who rejects ___ is the architect of decay": Harold Wilson
VANDERInternational style architect, Ludwig Mies ... Rohe (3,3)
VINCIFamous painter, sculptor, architect and scientist, Leonardo da ...
SETHSanctimonious architect in Charles Dickens's novel Martin Chuzzlewit (4,9)
UTZONJorn ___, Danish architect who designed the Sydney Opera House (5)
ADAMRobert ___, 18th-century Scottish architect and furniture designer (4)
FILIPPO___ Brunelleschi, Italian Renaissance architect who developed linear perspective
SPECIt may be submitted to an architect
TERRACELandscape architect's creation
STARCHStiffener used by most architects
CUPOLASIZESpec on an architect's blueprint?
GEHRYOne of the "Dancing House" architects
FLOORPLANArchitect's layout
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