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Crossword Answers: Architect-Toyo
ITOArchitect Toyo
ERICKSONArchitect Arthur
GIOTTO*Florentine painter and architect
THEARCTICFussy architect is very cold (3,6)
CHARLESBULFINCHU.S. Capitol architect
ABRAMOVITZAmerican architect Max
LEGOToy for an aspiring architect
HORTAVictor ?, Belgian architect considered to be the originator of Art Nouveau (5)
LEONARDOPainter, engineer, scientist, sculptor and architect, ... Da Vinci
MITBoston university where architect I.M. Pei went to college: Abbr.
RICHARDBritish architect; designer of the Lloyd"s Building and Millennium Dome in London (7,6)
OFANPeter Greenaway film, The Belly ... Architect (2,2)
LECORBUSIERArchitect left Green River with more work to do (2,9)
OPENPLANSounds like something architect would do with office layout (4-4)
MICHELANGELOItalian sculptor, painter, architect and poet (12)
SCRABBLEAlfred Butts, an unemployed architect, dreamt up this still successful spelling board game in 1931
ELEVATIONLifting up part of an architect"s plan (9)
OPERAThe design for an ... House on Sydney harbour won Danish architect Joern Utzon a prize of £5,000 on
ANTONIOGiven name of Spanish architect Gaudi, composer Salieri and Zorro actor Banderas
ALVARAALTOArchitect who's the first person in "Britannica"
RUSHMOREGutzon Borglum was the architect of this large granite sculpture of four US presidents, Mount ...
INDIGOArchitect Jones pocketing penny for product of woad (6)
WRENCHTool found by architect in front of church
VERSAILLESLandscape architect Andre Le Notre laid out the spectacular grounds of this palace in which France's
MACKINTOSHCharles Rennie ___, Scottish architect, designer and artist who died in 1928 (10)
SPIREPoint made by architects
TERRACELandscape architect's creation
STARCHStiffener used by most architects
SPECArchitect's detail, for short
CUPOLASIZESpec on an architect's blueprint?
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