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Crossword Answers: Architect's-plinth
ORLOArchitect's plinth
SOCLEColumn plinth
ELLArchitect's afterthought
ANNEXArchitect's afterthought
SITEArchitect's concern
DESIGNArchitect's concern
PLANArchitect's offering
ELEVArchitect's abbr.
DRAFTSArchitect's aide
PARTIArchitect's concept
MODELArchitect's construction
OGEEArchitect's curve
EEROArchitect's first name
THETAJMAHALArchitect's gift to Dad?
SPECSArchitect's info
AREASArchitect's math
DRAFTERMATHArchitect's method of calculation?
SCALEMODELArchitect's miniature building
HOMEMAKERArchitect's other job?
PLANSArchitect's output

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