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Crossword Answers: Architect's-plinth
ORLOArchitect's plinth
SOCLEColumn plinth
STPETERSBasilica in the Vatican city, the work of architects including Raphael, Michelangelo and Bernini (2,
SPECArchitect's detail, for short
CUPOLASIZESpec on an architect's blueprint?
GEHRYOne of the "Dancing House" architects
FLOORPLANArchitect's layout
INCASMachu Picchu architects
DEWBYDESIGNMoisture around an architect's sketch?
ENRICOFERMIItalian physicist (1901-54) who was one of the chief architects of the nuclear age: 2 wds.
TOSCALEHow architects draw plans
WRIGHTWINGGuggenheim architect's addition?
ERECTORSETFuture architect's plaything
ROHEEnd of an architect's name
IMPAGESDoor rails, to architects
SPIRECONChurch tower architects' expo?
EDIFICESArchitects' products
AIAArchitects' org.
ELLSArchitects' annexes
TSQUARESArchitects' aids
OGEESSome plinths, in part

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