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Crossword Answers: Architect's-plinth
ORLOArchitect's plinth
MASONSPlinth course layers
BASEPlinth (4)
BASEMETALIdeal material for a plinth?
SOCLEColumn plinth
CHARACTERISTICSArchitect's car is damaging properties (15)
ELEVATIONSArchitects' work bringing peerages? (10)
PALLADIOArchitect's friend, child to 10 (8)
NASHArchitect's unopened grate (4)
SETSQUAREFixes remarkable Irish architect's tool
ELEVATIONArchitect's plan for advancement (9)
SPIREPoint made by architects
TERRACELandscape architect's creation
STARCHStiffener used by most architects
SPECArchitect's detail, for short
CUPOLASIZESpec on an architect's blueprint?
GEHRYOne of the "Dancing House" architects
FLOORPLANArchitect's layout
TOPHATLarge tile exactly placed around edges of plinth (3,3)
BALSAWood used when a plinth is put up (5)
FATEAcrossWhat "All are architects of," per Longfellow
MCCARTHYITESThey wanted reds out of my architects' design (12)
LANDOWNERPrince Charles, perhaps, starts to lecture architects - numbingly dispiriting experience (9)
STPETERSBasilica in the Vatican city, the work of architects including Raphael, Michelangelo and Bernini (2,
OGEESSome plinths, in part

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