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Crossword Answers: Archie's-pal
JUGHEADArchie's pal
DENSELike Archie's pal Moose
REGGIEArchie's pal, in comics
JUGArchie's pal, for short
VERONICAOne of Archie's pals
RICHESTLike Veronica, among Archie's friends
STOOLSPerches at Archie's Place
DINGBATArchie's name for Edith
EDITHBUNKERArchie's mate
NEROArchie's boss, in detective fiction
MOOSEArchie's athletic pal
STIFLEArchie's admonition to Edith
GLORIAArchie's TV daughter
EDITHArchie's "Dingbat"
SUGARSUGAR1969 Archies hit
BEA"C'mon, ___ pal!"
PAYUP"Hand it over, pal"
PSST"Hey, pal!"
EDDIE"Leave It to Beaver" pal
YVONNE"Miss ___" (pal of Pee-Wee)
SAL"Old pal" of song
OHARA"Pal Joey" author
HART"Pal Joey" lyricist
LORENZ"Pal Joey" lyricist Hart
POURA"___ little sugar on it, baby" (Archies lyric)
CANBE"...I ___ your long-lost pal" (Paul Simon line)
ABOOK"I Could Write ___" ("Pal Joey" song)
AMTHEWALRUS"I ___" (tune for Tennessee Tuxedo's pal Chumley?)
HEA"Is ___ wolf..." (Lorenz Hart lyric from "Pal Joey")

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