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Crossword Answers: Archie's-pal
JUGHEADArchie's pal
DENSELike Archie's pal Moose
REGGIEArchie's pal, in comics
JUGArchie's pal, for short
VERONICAOne of Archie's pals
ELIOne of quarterback Archie's boys
RICHESTLike Veronica, among Archie's friends
STOOLSPerches at Archie's Place
DINGBATArchie's name for Edith
EDITHBUNKERArchie's mate
NEROArchie's boss, in detective fiction
MOOSEArchie's athletic pal
STIFLEArchie's admonition to Edith
GLORIAArchie's TV daughter
EDITHArchie's "Dingbat"
SUGARSUGAR1969 Archies hit
POURA"___ little sugar on it, baby" (Archies lyric)
DEBMs. Winger, to pals
HUTSShelters for Gilligan and his pals
MADEFRIENDSBecame pals (11)
CLASSMATESFellow school pals (10)
AMATEUREnthusiast accepted pal's posh recipe (7)
ALLPURPOSEOur pals 'elp out, useful in every situation (3-7)
FIENDSPals have no right to be devils (6)
ELAPIDSPals die wrestling with poisonous snakes (7)
SLEEPINGBAGSomething campers use - e.g. being pals (anag) (8,3)
COBBERAussie pal's personal stuff left out (6)
PSALTERIALower class compartments with first-class return taking drunken pals back (9)
AMIENSPals come round in French town (6)
HARDTOPLEASEThe pals adore variety, though difficult to satisfy (4,2,6)

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