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Crossword Answers: Anglican-cleric
PRIESTAnglican cleric
CANTERBURYAnglican cathedral city
BEADLESAnglican church officials
VICARSAnglican priests
EPISCOPALAnglican, in America
VICARAnglican parish priest
PARSONSAnglican clerics
HIGHCHURCHAnglican body
MITREAnglican bishop's headdress
CANONCathedral cleric
RTREVAnglican bishop's address: Abbr.
FIRSTCURATEOriginal Anglican assistant priest?
TAPERERCandlebearer, in Anglican services
RELAnglican or Catholic (abbr.)
REVAnglican Church of Canada title (abbr.)
PARISHESAnglican Church of Canada divisions
SYNODSAnglican Church of Canada councils
DEMEANLower cleric got round me (6)
KEEPPACEWITHStay in touch as position in Norman castle close to path overlooking Anglican Women's Institute (4,4
VOW'I ___ to Thee, My Country' (Anglican hymn)
ANGLIANOld English dialect spoken by Anglican, not Catholic (7)
LAMASTibetan clerics
MULLAHSIslamic clerics
IMAMSSome clerics
GOODINVESTMENTSLike well-behaved clerics?
MSGRFr. cleric's title
ABBACoptic cleric's title
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