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Crossword Answers: Anglican-cleric
PRIESTAnglican cleric
PARSONAnglican cleric
ARCHBISHOPTop Anglican cleric
PARSONSAnglican clerics
DOGCOLLARSAnglican clerical wear, slangily
NIECENon-starter that's Anglican relation (5)
CENTAnglican books of little value? (4)
EMCEEOld uncle embraces Anglican compere (5)
ASKANCEQuestion an Anglican with suspicion (7)
CENSUREAnglican name gets certain reproof (7)
ANCHORStay in Anglican Choristers (6)
SANCERREAnglican clergyman brought in reasonable wine
RECTORAnglican clergyman (6)
FINANCEDDiscover pens an Anglican church paid for (8)
READERSLay people in the Anglican Church authorized to conduct certain services like Evening Prayer (7)
PROCEEDINGSBack-to-front child keeps Anglican journalist at home writing a record of what has gone on (11)
CLOTHEUnwilling to be clad in Anglican dress (6)
RESISTANCEOpposition to sister converting to an Anglican (10)
ELEGANCENote on an Anglican church shows style (8)
ARCHDEACONAnglican clergyman ranking just below a bishop (10)
TIPPETAnglican stole used during a service (6)
ABBOTReligious sailor and Anglican leader abandoning ship (5)
CONCEALERWith which to disguise Tory (Anglican) having drink with Russian premier? (9)
CAUSECELEBREProvoke Anglican rebel to get involved in controversial issue (5,7)
LOWCHURCHAnglican tradition, Protestant in outlook, paying little regard to ritual, etc (3,6)
WALSINGHAMNorfolk village with Anglican and Roman Catholic shrines (10)
ARCHDEACONSA Roman Catholic head surprisingly misleads Anglican clergy (11)

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