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Crossword Answers: Anglican-cleric
PRIESTAnglican cleric
ARCHBISHOPTop Anglican cleric
PARSONSAnglican clerics
STPAULSAnglican cathedral in London (2,5)
VERGERAnglican church caretaker
RTREVAnglican bishop's address: Abbr.
CANTERBURYAnglican cathedral city
FIRSTCURATEOriginal Anglican assistant priest?
BEADLESAnglican church officials
VICARSAnglican priests
TAPERERCandlebearer, in Anglican services
EPISCOPALAnglican, in America
VICARAnglican parish priest
RELAnglican or Catholic (abbr.)
EMBERDAYSAny of four groups of three days of prayer and fasting in the Roman Catholic and Anglican Church (5,
FARCEDistant Anglican Church is a parody (5)
ATONCEA heavyweight Anglican assembled without delay (2,4)
ALLTHINGSThis popular Anglican hymn was possibly inspired by The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, ... Bright And
ONCEAt one time there was no turning back over the Anglican Church (4)
PIERCEMake hole in jetty? Anglican followed (6)
SEANCECan see conversion at spiritual meeting with Connery and the Anglican church (6)
STANCEPoint of view of holy person leading an Anglican organisation (6)
ESSENAnglican church left essence of German city (5)
KEEPPACEWITHStay in touch as position in Norman castle close to path overlooking Anglican Women's Institute (4,4
ANGLIANOld English dialect spoken by Anglican, not Catholic (7)
MINISTRIESGroups of clerics
ARCHBISHOPSSenior clerics
CIRCLETCleric's tight, transitive headband (7)
CANONRYCathedral clerics as a group
DONATIONOFISLAMGift from mosque clerics?
LAMASTibetan clerics
MULLAHSIslamic clerics
ABOUTFAITHTitle for a cleric's book?
IMAMSSome clerics
GOODINVESTMENTSLike well-behaved clerics?
ARCHDEACONSClerics on a sacred meandering around church (11)
CLAMOROUSNoisy pair of clerics disrupting room in Australia (9)
HOUSEKEEPERSThey clean up after clerics in family castle on riverside at the centre (12)
ALMUCECleric's cape; alternative name for amice (6)
CHAPLAINCYCleric's office bloke located at York, say, losing it (10)
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