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Crossword Answers: Andean-camelids
LLAMASAndean camelids
ECUADORAndean country
CHILEAndean country
LASCARAndean volcano
COLAndean land: Abbr.
INCASAndean people
CONDORSAndean vultures
CALIAndean city
ALPACASAndean wool-bearers
MAMMAMIAAndean wool sources
OCASAndean tubers
OROAndean treasure
OCAAndean stew vegetable
COCASAndean shrubs
COCAAndean shrub
VICUNASAndean ruminants
ECUAAndean nation: Abbr.
LLAMSAndean herd
APIOAndean herb
LIMABEANS*Veggies of Andean origin
PULLLLAMASTug at Andean ruminants?
RESELLLLAMASAuction off Andean animals again?
ELMISTIAndean volcano, the world's second-largest
TRESAndean peak ___ Cruces
ARMADILLOThe Andean stringed instrument called the churango was traditionally made from the armoured shell of

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