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Crossword Answers: And-others,-in-brief
ETALAnd others, in brief
MVPSTroy Aikman, John Elway and others, in brief
PMSBlair, Brown and others, in brief
ETALIIAnd others, in Latin
ETALIAAnd others, in Latin
AVESLexington and others, in N.Y.C.
DHSGiambi and others in the AL
ALIIEt ___ (and others, in Latin)
PRESTOIt's very quick for musicians and others in a river
KAMETHimalayan mountain in Uttarakhand first climbed by Frank Smythe and others in 1931 (5)
BACKBITERS*Ones who criticize others in their absence
ALIGNJoin with others in a cause
TRUMPSuit that outranks the others, in bridge
NAMEDROPTry to impress others, in a way
CLUESThis, and 77 others in this puzzle
OUTPLAYSurpass others in sports
GFSSignificant others, in chat room lingo
OTRASOthers, in Madrid
EQUALSome animals were more ... than others in Orwell's Animal Farm
COWITCH Plant one of the others in the coven? (7)
OGRESThey put the frighteners on others in wild gorse (5)
OUTRANKSOne is higher than the others in base on holiday - they can be easier for picking up fares! (8)
SHOPTALKBusiness discussion with others in the same business (4,4)
COMPLICITRebuilt Pimlico in Connecticut is involved with others in illegal activity (9)
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