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Crossword Answers: And-others,-in-brief
ETALAnd others, in brief
MVPSTroy Aikman, John Elway and others, in brief
PMSBlair, Brown and others, in brief
ETALIAAnd others, in Latin
ETALIIAnd others, in Latin
MONTSMontreal's 'Royal', and others in French
AVESLexington and others, in N.Y.C.
DHSGiambi and others in the AL
ALIIEt ___ (and others, in Latin)
PRESTOIt's very quick for musicians and others in a river
KAMETHimalayan mountain in Uttarakhand first climbed by Frank Smythe and others in 1931 (5)
KENTKay and ten others in the Maidstone area
ADMIXMingle with others in the early eleventh century
SIMPSONSSome children sheltering others in animated family (8)
MADEWAYStood aside to let others in (4,3)
ARRESTINGStriking others in a fight venue (9)
GOODSAMARITANA kindly person who helps others in times of need (4,9)
MOAExtinct flightless bird of New Zealand. If you want to reach your full potential now you will have t
TRESTLEIt's half the battle getting the others in to give support
OUTCLASS'Butcher cuts' also put others in the shade (8)
RESTHOMESDetective, losing student, tailing all others in certain establishments
KENNELCLUBLooks after the boxers, among others, in the doghouse for going dancing (6,4)
PROMPTERIs he more ready to help than others in the theatre? (8)
MASTERRACEPeople looking down on others in mum's row of houses (6,4)
CARACASA vehicle endlessly hemmed in by others in capital (7)
DOUBLESTANDARDSType of hypocrisy applied to some people and not to others in Spitting Image? They need to be run up

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