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Crossword Answers: And-others,-in-brief
ETALAnd others, in brief
PMSBlair, Brown and others, in brief
MVPSTroy Aikman, John Elway and others, in brief
ETALIIAnd others, in Latin
ETALIAAnd others, in Latin
ALII"Others" in a Latin phrase
LAPD"Dragnet" force, in brief
TREX"Jurassic Park" creature, in brief
RLS"Weir of Hermiston" author, in brief
ONEK1024 bytes of computer memory, in brief
ATEST1940s Bikini blast, in brief
ROK1950's soldier, in brief
NES1980s video game console, in brief
CATTLECHAWKA.F.C. player, in brief
DOESNTAbstains, in brief
BROMOAcid relief, in brief
TREVOR"Brief Encounter" actor ___ Howard
SOPHIALOREN"Brief Encounter" actress
GRISHAM"The Pelican Brief" author
STINT'Brief' time period

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