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Crossword Answers: Ancient-Indian-tribe-known-for-carved-stone-heads
OLMECAncient Indian tribe known for carved stone heads
HOPITribe known for kachina dolls
NAVAHOTribe known for its rugs: var.
TREETRUNKPlace for carved initials
STELACarved stone
STELECarved stone slab
ANASAZIAncient Indian of the Southwest
INCADOUBTSAncient Indian is skeptical?
PACHISIAncient Indian game
AZTECAncient Indian
DELAWAREFirst Indian tribe to sign a treaty with the U.S. government
NEZ___ Perce (Indian tribe)
YAKIMAWashington State river/Indian tribe/city/county
PIUTEUtah county named after an Indian tribe
KIOWAU.S. Indian tribe
RESERVATIONTract of land set apart for the use of an Indian tribe
IOWAState, or an Indian tribe native to it
OGALLALANebraska town, named after an Indian tribe, featured in "Lonesome Dove"
ROCKINGHORSESSome carved Victorian toys
RUSHMORESite of massive US presidential portraits carved in granite, Mount ...
CERNEDorset village above which a famous chalk giant is carved out of the hillside (5,5)
STATUECarved or cast figure of a person (6)
GARGOYLEGrotesque carved face or figure (8)
HUNTFORWOODENSTATUETry to find a figure of a person carved in oak?
MANGELWURZELType of beet that's carved for Halloween in Wales
CAMEOSCarved gems

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