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Crossword Answers: Ancient-Indian-tribe-known-for-carved-stone-heads
OLMECAncient Indian tribe known for carved stone heads
NAVAHOTribe known for its rugs: var.
HOPITribe known for kachina dolls
TREETRUNKPlace for carved initials
EASTERIsland famous for its huge carved stone grotesque-featured statues
ANASAZIAncient Indian of the Southwest
INCADOUBTSAncient Indian is skeptical?
CREEPAdvance stealthily on Indian tribe with copper (5)
DELAWAREFirst Indian tribe to sign a treaty with the U.S. government
NEZ___ Perce (Indian tribe)
YAKIMAWashington State river/Indian tribe/city/county
PIUTEUtah county named after an Indian tribe
CONEY"Island" known for its hot dogs
WHATSCOOKIN"Justin Wilson's known for doin' it on PBS... I guar-awn-tee"
VALLI1960's-70's vocalist known for his falsetto
TRON1982 film known for its computer graphics
MRT80's celeb known for his gold chains
JACKIECHANActor known for his stunts
OTTERAnimal known for being playful
STELACarved stone
STELECarved stone slab
PACHISIAncient Indian game
AZTECAncient Indian
KIOWAU.S. Indian tribe
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