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Crossword Answers: Amadeus-antagonist
SALIERIAmadeus antagonist
ANTONIOF. Murray, in "Amadeus"
ADAPTEDLike the Oscar-winning "Amadeus" screenplay
SAENDRINarrator of "Amadeus" [go to bed]
WOLFGANGComposer, ... Amadeus Mozart
ROLESMozart and Salieri, in "Amadeus"
TOMHulce of "Amadeus"
ORIONCompany that produced "Amadeus"
FALCO"Rock Me Amadeus" artist
MOZART"Amadeus" subject
ABRAHAM"Amadeus" star, 1984
BFALCOSinger with the 1986 #1 hit "Rock Me Amadeus"
TOMHULCEBest Actor in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for Amadeus (3,5)
FIGAROThe ___, 1786 opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
MARRIAGEOFThe ?, 1786 opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (8,2,6)
MIDDLENAMEAmadeus is one well-known in musical circles (6,4)
PETERSHAFFERAuthor of the stage plays Equus and Amadeus (5,7)
LUCIO1772 opera in three acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (5,5)
DONGIOVANNISubtitle of 1787 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart opera The Rake Punished (3,8)
IDOMENEO1781 opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (8)
SALZBURGCity in Austria; birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (8)
AUSTRIANSW. Amadeus Mozart and "Rock Me Amadeus" singer Falco, e.g.
AUSTRIANLike Falco, late singer of "Rock Me Amadeus"
MCCANNBroadway producer Liz, Tony winner for "Elephant Man" and "Amadeus"
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