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Crossword Answers: Amadeus-antagonist
SALIERIAmadeus antagonist
HALDisembodied sci-fi antagonist
ELMER"Wideo Wabbit" antagonist
SIKES"Oliver Twist" antagonist
NASTTweed antagonist
YOSEMITESAM"Hare Trigger" antagonist
SNAPEPotter antagonist
CATOJulius Caesar antagonist
SMERSH"Casino Royale" antagonist
WOLFGANGComposer, ... Amadeus Mozart
DAMIENHorror film antagonist surnamed Thorn
DRACOS"Harry Potter" antagonist and namesakes
FLAGGRecurring Stephen King antagonist Randall ___
FUDD"What's Opera, Doc?" antagonist
EVILTWINIdentical antagonist in some fiction
URSULA"The Little Mermaid" antagonist
WOLF"The Three Little Pigs" antagonist
DRACO___ Malfoy, Harry Potter antagonist
ARCHFOEThe main antagonist is out of reach! (4-3)
MOTORFinal antagonist in Othello is the driving force (5)
DONGIOVANNISubtitle of 1787 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart opera The Rake Punished (3,8)
IDOMENEO1781 opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (8)
SALZBURGCity in Austria; birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (8)
GASTONAntagonist in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast"
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