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Crossword Answers: Alternating-duty-roster
ROTAAlternating-duty roster
CHECKEDPatterned with alternating squares of colour (7)
ECHOAlternating characters make perch hook resound (4)
ESSESAlternating turns on racecourses
PANAMACANALWaterway with the same alternating letter
CURRENTSThey may be alternating
HALFANDHALFGAMEOmaha alternating with hold'em, e.g.
SINUSOIDALLike alternating current
INVERTERIt turns direct current into alternating current
CERBOARDDesign of alternating squares
STAGGERSArranges in an alternating pattern
EDISONHis invention of the direct current electrical generator lost out to the alternating current options
ONYXVariety of chalcedony with alternating black and white parallel bands (4)
RIDEABICYCLEMaintain equilibrium while pushing on a rotating peripheral attachment, alternating with the lower e
BANDSLines of alternating color, as those present in onyx
RECTIFIERDevice for converting alternating current into direct current
ENLISTSJoins up French centre with rosters (7)
HITLISTSRosters given to hired guns
LISZTSLISTSComposer Franz's rosters?
ATEAMThe roster's best
SHORTLISTSRosters for finalists

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