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Crossword Answers: Al-Pacino-film-of-'75
DOGDAYAFTERNOONAl Pacino film of '75
JAWSScare film of '75
ABOYANDHISDOGDon Johnson film of '75
SCARFACEPacino film of '83
SEAOFLOVE1989 Al Pacino film
SIMONE2002 Al Pacino film
SERPICO1973 Al Pacino film
ANY"___ Given Sunday" (Al Pacino film)
SNLNBC debut of '75
BETAMAXHome-video debut of '75
GMATV debut of '75
CPLUSGrade of 75 or so
POSSEWestern film title of '75 and '93
ELOISEDestructive hurricane of '75
THEINSIDER1999 Crowe/Pacino film nominated for seven Oscars
RENDAYAFTERNOONPacino film with a dog star?
DOGDAYPMA. Pacino film
SEA"___ of Love" (1989 Pacino film)
CARLITOS"___ Way" (Pacino film)
BRASCO"Donnie ___" (Depp/Pacino film)
MORANT"Breaker ___" (Australian film of 1980)
BLADERUNNER"Future noir" film of 1982
IRMA"My Friend ___" (Martin-Lewis film of '49)
PETES"___ Dragon" (kids' film of '77)
THENAMEOFTHEROSE"Floral" film of 1986 based on an Umberto Eco novel
THEBLACKDAHLIA"Floral" film of 2006 with Josh Hartnett and Scarlett Johansson
HIDE"No Place to ---" (Stallone film of 1970)
AND"... ___ Justice for All." (Pacino flick)
PATINASFilms, of a sort
ATEAMNeeson flick of 2010 (with "The")
EVILResident ___ (horror flick of 2002)
AMADEUSFirst Best Picture winner never to be in the top 5 grossing films of the week
THATSDocumentary series celebrating the films of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, ... Entertainment! (4'1)
SCORSESEGangsters are a common theme in the films of director Martin ...
ERIN"___ Brockovich" (another of the American Film Institute's 10 best films of 2000)
UHUHKin of 75 Down
OPALINEState view about Pacino being cloudy (7)
DOGAFTERNOONAl Pacino drama sans 24 hours?
TALENTEDGifted Pacino intent on standing by editor (8)
LATERALAfterwards, Pacino joined on the side (7)
PRODIGALFor archaeological excavation, Pacino was reckless (8)
ALPSFrom the mountains, Pacino adds afterthought (4)
ALLOVERPacino, sweetheart? It's completely finished, from head to toe (3,4)
INFORMALLet Pacino know it's not ceremonious (8)
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