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Crossword Answers: Al-Pacino-film-of-'75
DOGDAYAFTERNOONAl Pacino film of '75
SCARFACEPacino film of '83
JAWSScare film of '75
ABOYANDHISDOGDon Johnson film of '75
SEAOFLOVE1989 Al Pacino film
SIMONE2002 Al Pacino film
SERPICO1973 Al Pacino film
ANY"___ Given Sunday" (Al Pacino film)
SNLNBC debut of '75
BETAMAXHome-video debut of '75
GMATV debut of '75
CPLUSGrade of 75 or so
POSSEWestern film title of '75 and '93
ELOISEDestructive hurricane of '75
THEINSIDER1999 Crowe/Pacino film nominated for seven Oscars
RENDAYAFTERNOONPacino film with a dog star?
DOGDAYPMA. Pacino film
CARLITOS"___ Way" (Pacino film)
BRASCO"Donnie ___" (Depp/Pacino film)
SEAOFAl Pacino/Ellen Barkin movie, "___ ___ Love" (1989)
THEHUMBLING2014 comedy-drama film starring Al Pacino and Greta Gerwig (3,8)
SCENT"___ of a Woman", 1992 film starring Al Pacino (5)
CITYHALL1996 film drama starring Al Pacino and John Cusack (4,4)
DONNIE1997 film drama starring Al Pacino and Johnny Depp (6,6)
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