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Crossword Answers: Airport-Oscar-winner
HELENHAYESAirport Oscar-winner
THANKSOscar winner's words
IMHONOREDOscar winner's words
ACCEPTEROscar winner's stand-in
STATUETTESOscar winners' winnings
PRESENTEESOscar winners, e.g.
THANKYOUSOscar winners' lines
HUNTANDPECKTwo Oscar winners for best acting?
ACTORSSome Oscar winners
ALISTRecent Oscar winners, e.g.
STARSOscar winners, often
STATUETTEMILESOscar winner's showoff tour?
COPPOLAFamily with three generations of Oscar winners
THANKDo an Oscar winner's job
THANKYOUEmotional Oscar winner's requirement in churning out briefest of acceptance speeches? (5,3)
RATEDRLike eight of the last nine Best Picture Oscar winners
HOFFMANOnly last name shared by two different Best Actor Oscar winners
CABVehicle that often goes to airports
CONSPIRATORPlotter to study airport's design
DEPARTUREAirport's ... lounge
ETASThey are posted in airports
VAINVarious airports in Nigeria initially affected (4)
BAGGAGECLAIMSYou'll find them at airports
YVRVancouver International Airport's code
IMONA"___ roll!" (winner's cry)
NYMETS'69 Series winners
FLYINGSQUADNot necessarily police employed at airports (6,5)
FANTASIAANDCO"American Idol" winner's new business after Crocker's Cru Special?

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