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Crossword Answers: Airport-Oscar-winner
HELENHAYESAirport Oscar-winner
BERGMAN"Anastasia" Oscar-winner Ingmar
KLINE"A Fish Called Wanda" Oscar-winner
KEVINKLINE"A Fish Called Wanda" Oscar-winner
SPACEY"American Beauty" Oscar winner
KEVINSPACEY"American Beauty" Oscar winner
GUINNESS"...River Kwai" Oscar winner
WIEST"94 Oscar winner Dianne
GEORGESANDERS"All About Eve" Oscar winner
KEATON"Annie Hall" Oscar winner
HUNT"As Good As It Gets" Oscar winner
HELENHUNT"As Good As It Gets" Oscar winner
PAULSCOFIELD"A Man For All Seasons" Oscar winner
LNBURSTYN"Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" Oscar winner
BERMUDATRIANGLE"Airport '77" setting
SST"Airport '79" jet
NATLA Wash. airport
MOVINGVANHEFLIN"Airport" actor with a truck? a Helsinki airport?
PHLA Pa. airport code
MAUIHana Airport's island
MEETERSPeople with signs at airports, e.g.
ORANGEU.S. threat level at airports
CNNTV channel often on in airports
WIFIBoingo service at airports
SANTAANAJohn Wayne Airport's address
ARRIVALSThey're always in airports, just off the plane (8)
APRONSAfter march, go on strike initially around airports (6)

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